Go on, check it out. Consider it "in beta."

(Note that it's also in WordPress. That's because the NEW blogger is also in beta, even though it pretends it isn't, and frankly, we can't deal with it anymore.)

Top Chef, American Idol, The Apprentice, You're The One That I Want. Followed by Top Design.

And possibly Survivor.


  1. please let ilan win, it was bad enough that they booted off sam but if marcel wins that will mean that all hell has broken loose and more men might start walking around with his flock of seagulls bad 80s hairdo.

    also the blonde guy with the cut off shorts from the top design commercial is going to be the new marcel aka black sheep.

  2. Clever.

    Good luck with the site!

  3. wss -- i know. the hair, it's bad. very, very bad. did you see "the incredibles?" if so, you probably know what i'm talking about.

    and paul -- i know this is unrelated, but um, you are adorable. totally my type. :)

  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Because the only thing better than watching reality tv is talking about it!

  5. yes i have seen the incredibles, good match!

    i am totally geeking out waiting for the top chef finale and season premiere of top design. while i was originally rooting for neither marcel or ilan i hope ilan wins (even though he seems a little full of himself like sam, i think i am a little biased because of their good genes.) originally i was hoping mia would make it all the way but her tantrum concerning elia didn't seem all that professional.


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