They're Writing Blogs Of Love, But Not For Meeeee...

You know, I am very much enjoying writing these blog letters.

Dear Google,

I hear the New Blogger is out of beta. Congratulations on getting another step closer to ruling the world. I'm totally down.

Just um, could you please stop with the taunting? I'm starting to feel like a loser.

For months, you have been winking at me, suggesting that soon I, too, would be able to switch over. Soon I, too, would be rewarded with really cool New Blogger thingamabobs.

And I waited. And I watched.

I watched as my neighbors switched. I saw them all with their new labels and tags and who knows what all awesome doodads in their dashboards.

And then today -- just today! -- you appear on MY dashboard.


Oh, lucky day!

I am ready!

So I click. But...

I have to say, I grew a bit concerned about biting the bullet. You weren't exactly winning the highest marks when the New Blogger was in beta, and I was a bit nervous about moving allllllll of She Walks over.

But you know? You assured me.


Well, okay then.

So I signed on in.

And you know what happened, don't you? DON'T YOU!?!?

You are a lying, teasing hussy, Google.


You know what's especially nice about this message? The fact that, according to this, your entire reason for not being able to move one or more of my blogs over is that one or more of my blogs cannot be moved.


That's like telling me the reason the flight was cancelled is because there was a cancellation of the flight.


I shall now resume waiting for my turn while I continue to not understand typepad.


p.s. I especially like that after I wrote this post and published it successfully, you sent me this message:

Seriously. Hussy.


  1. See??? I KNEW it wasn't just me! Thanks for testing the water for me. I'll be right here on the shore of the OLD Blogger Beach, until I know it's safe to cross. And then, life jackets all around.

  2. At least you weren't STOOPID like me. I thought I was going to be all tech-y and cool and switch right away. I had no idea that beta means STAY AWAY. I now know that everyone knows this but me, but whatever. Anyway, about a week after I switched over to the beta, my blog design was finished and I switched everything over to wordpress, thereby losing ALL OF MY COMMENTS and ALL OF MY PICTURES because I had switched to the beta. If I hadn't, everything would have switched over perfectly.

    I thought I was over it, but apparently not. Just writing that reminded me how sad this is. I'm going to go cry now.

  3. this is why i'm the resident google-skeptic. they're a software company, and the bigger they get, the more they'll start acting like every other software company who gets to a certain size.

    not that i don't htink they rock, i just don't know that they're going to suddenly be the best blogging site just because they're google. much like yahoo wasn't about to be the best auction site just because they're yahoo.

  4. I want no part of 'new blogger'. Old Blogger, on a good day, is no picnic but I don't need some program telling me it is ready for me, only to diss me at the 11th hour. HAHA. That is just wrong...;-) You are right: hussies!

  5. i originally had a blogger account way back when in 2000 or so when no one even knew what a blog was, then i switched to diaryland, then livejournal and now after not writing anything in quite some time i am back to blogger. while i like some of the features over lj i find that if i click around too much it boots me out and i get redirected back to the sign in screen.


  6. The "Help" menu does explain that a blog can't be shifted if there are more than 1000 posts+comments. Hope they get over it soon, I do want to change my template painlessly.


  7. My offer to get you setup on a REAL blog with Wordpress still stands.

    I moved away from Blogger quite some time ago, and have only gotten more and more frustrated with them since.

    I have the WORST time leaving comments on blogger pages since the upgrade to Beta... I now have two different logins, and it arbitrarily decides which one it should use which often means I have to retype my comments. (Just had to do it on your site, again. *sigh*)

    Oh and how much do I hate the word verification that I usually have to perform no less than 3 times... I take extra care to make sure I type the words exactly, and still end up doing it over and again.

    Wordpress baby. Word.Press.

  8. So what about this wordpress? Is it a free service? Is it idiot-proof? I'm guessing you erected a detour sign on your blogger blog to direct people to the new location? Details...

    (I always highlight and copy my comments before clicking that nasty publish button--I've been burned too many times, and my comment rewrites are never quite as clever [or correctly spelled] as my originals...)

  9. I now must call my mom and tell her that she is NOT the only person in the world who uses the word, "Hussy." LOL

  10. Ahhahaa! Too bad I'm on the other extreme... wordpress keeps telling me to upgrade but I don't wanna. What if it all messes up on me?! Too bad I hate my blog design anyway (I need to pay someone to do me a template... ::sigh::), so it being messed up wouldn't be that different anyway...

  11. There *is* a free wordpress service where you can start your new blog: .


    The best way is to setup your own installation of the free Wordpress program on your OWN domain. This is not nearly as expensive or difficult as you may fear.

    There are tons of benefits, including easy drag and drop sidebars, separate CSS files that allow you to easily change your layout, easy backups, etc. I could go on and on, but if you want help or more info just drop me an email. jester (at) jestertunes dot com.

  12. Ohoho! Blatant circular argument right there. Blogger begs the question.

    Hmm. Is it a slippery slope fallacy to suggest that because I'm an English major (in my freshman year) and a member of a fabulous a cappella group AND an amazing procrastinator, that I might end up somewhat like you?

    Not that I'd mind. But my undergarments might become slightly more chilly than I'm used to.

  13. So??? Did you make it to the other side in one piece? I tried to stop by earlier, and the doorman said you were moving to the New Blogger. Do tell...


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