*cough* Pardon My Dust *cough* (Also? Can You "Like" This?)

Remember how I mentioned that I'm going through a site redesign? Yeah, well, that's underway. As of right now (Monday, February 21) we have reverted to a basic template while collecting sparkles for the new one. Thank you for your patience and not pointing and laughing at my blog standing here in its underwear.

(If blogs had nightmares, it would be this.)

IN THE MEANTIME, I have two very important updates:

1. I never, ever, ever, ever ask for votes for stuff. I think if a blogger/person is going to be recognized in a real way, it should be by a panel of judges, not by people who are all VOTE FOR ME EVERY DAY LOVE ME VALIDATE ME!!!!!!! You know? Vote-baiting is the same as link-baiting and I think it's crass.

In fact, the last time I think I asked for your votes was when I was "competing" with the awesome Bethany in a ridiculous 2007 Blog Interview contest and the whole reason I wanted to win was because the prize was a laser pen that came with "The Power To Burn!". I'm not even kidding.

I came in 2nd place. I won a remote-controlled car with a secret camera.

But! Now I'm up for consideration (along with my partners) as a Top 50 Mompreneur of 2011 on Babble. This list actually means something in the blogging world, and would help boost the profile of The Clever Girls Collective and, by association, all the bloggers we work hard to represent.

To vote, just go here and click "like."

2. I failed my two-hour glucose test.  Which means I've been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

Now. When I stop shoving handfuls of high fructose corn syrup into my mouth for 3 seconds and think about this, it makes sense. But I went through the initial shock and horror and humiliation that one goes through, ugh. Then I did a lot of research.  Then I went to a counseling session and upset my counselor so much I thought she was going to kick me out (she practically did).

But until I can give you more details, just know that I AM FINE. I also think calling it "gestational diabetes" is stupid.  Also also, since I found out I've made some minor modifications and my blood sugar has been totally normal.

But that counseling session? I can't wait to tell you about it. HOO BOY.


  1. That blog prize "competition" was all kinds of awesome. Because of my positive memories of that, I voted for you. Also because I do sincerely believe in your awesomeness.

    And I am sorry to announce that I have no idea what happened to that laser pen, I have some suspicions that my ex-boyfriend took it, but it was cool while it lasted. I'm sorry I did not better protect the POWER TO BURN.

  2. please post soon!! i want to hear more about the gestational diabetes and the counselor session

  3. ya for you being fine! but i totally can't wait to hear about you almost getting kicked out of your appointment.

    voted for ya when you linked on the twitter!

  4. Ohhh, so glad to see the new design - when I saw the "basic template" I was like "Noooo, I miss her ass, I mean, the martini!" :) Glad to see the martini is back in some form! :D

    And glad to hear you are ok with the whole GD thing, can't wait to hear about THAT SESSION!! :D

  5. I love the new look - especially the new byline. Clever & cute!

  6. A) Voted for you! Best of luck!
    B) Love the new site
    C) Sorry to hear about the GD test, but I am looking forward to reading how you cope with it. I'm sure you will find the humor in it, wherever it is.

  7. Please post about it soooon! I failed my 1-hour and am scared of the 2-hour (3-hour?). Need info, please!


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