In Case You Were Worried About My Dating Prospects

Because, I gotta say, I have been.

I mean, YES. I'm happily married and all. But I've heard that some people use all these new-fangled tools like Twitter to facilitate dating. And I have to screw up my forehead and think, "UM? REALLY?" Because the bulk of people I follow and who follow me fit into these categories:
  • People I know (and am therefore not dating in real life; also, my actual husband)
  • Women bloggers, mostly moms (not dating prospects)
  • Funny people who are totally anti-social in real life (not dating prospects)
  • Social media "experts" who seem incapable of having human conversations online, but who I follow in case they are actually "competition" (they aren't)
  • Celebrities, mostly chefs (not really dating prospects but that's not really my fault)
But! Then I discovered Kevin. And all became clear to me.

Ish had better watch out.


  1. I dunno -- I'm swooning. Maybe YOU better watch out, in case I get my cougar claws into Kevin first!

  2. Wow! What a catch! A rum-swilling cougar lover with bad grammar ;)

  3. oh heck... a rum-swilling cougar lover (minus the bad grammar) might just be right up my the (distant future) perhaps I'll follow him, you know, just to keep my options open :-)

  4. What a shocking scenario!
    Yeah right what a grammar CougarLover!:)
    Better watch out!


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