The Cake Saga Continues: Week 27

So, I'm still knocked up.

Not to rub it in your face, entire rest of the country, but Northern California has been quietly enjoying spectacularly gorgeous "winter" weather. And I will not complain about that. BUT. It messes with my head. Because I'm due in May and since I found out about this pregnancy last August I've been all "I will have a baby in the spring!" Which means that every day where it feels like spring makes me think I'm due. You know? Except it's the beginning of February. I have three more full months -- an entire third of my pregnancy -- to go.

That doesn't equate to "soon" at all.

Meanwhile, I look a good 8+ months pregnant.

Let me tell you: a lot of things happened to my body in my first pregnancy that are pretty common but not so awesome. One of them was that my stomach walls got stretched so thin that it kind of...herniated? I guess? And you can't really fix that? But it means that if I push out my stomach, it pops out like there's a baby's head there, even when I'm not pregnant.

Let me tell you how incredibly sexy THAT is. At least it's a good party trick.

(Note: according to doctors, I'm no supposed to worry about this unless it starts to really hurt suddenly, in which case that probably means that an organ has started to pop out from behind my stomach wall. OH OKAY. I WON'T WORRY, THEN.)

Anyway.  Once I had an actual baby starting to take up space in my belly region again, my stomach walls just popped. So, yeah. 8 months pregnant. Except 6. I don't know how I can possibly get any bigger, but I am sure I'll get to find out and won't that be a fun game?

"Are you sure it's not twins?"

Sigh. Yes. I'm sure.

Oh, ALSO? The first pregnancy? My boobs didn't get any bigger. Everyone was like, "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN YOUR BOOBS GET BIGGER?" because they were already the size of my house and honestly, I was frightened for my family.

But instead, they just didn't get bigger. I guess they were already at maximum capacity.

Well, it turns out that EVERYTHING was at maximum capacity. During my first plus-sized pregnancy -- aside from my weight shifting and clothes fitting differently -- I never had to change the size of my clothes. My feet spread out a bit, but everything else I owned still fit me.

Then this time around, I started off my pregnancy 30 pounds lighter than last time. Yay! Right? Except you know where I'm going with this. That 30 pounds has made a huge difference in how pregnancy has been affecting me. I guess my body thinks I have 30 pounds of room to expand into. My boobs are slowly, steadily, unabashedly inflating. I do NOT fit into most of my "normal" clothes anymore, and certainly none of my "lost 30+ pounds" clothes.

Now my bras are barely fitting. My maternity clothes from last time around don't look right. Then last night, I had trouble zipping up my boots.


I mean, yes. I know I've been eating like a crazy pregnant woman. I know that cake isn't technically a food group. But I am offended (at whom? I don't know) that my BOOTS don't fit. It is a cruel, cruel joke that I had an easier pregnancy when I was more overweight.

I have heard from lots of people that the second pregnancy is usually more "more" because your body already kind of knows what to do. And it's been totally true for me. I started having cravings for sour/sugar (pineapple, lemonade, Sour Patch Kids) immediately. I had terribly vivid, wacky dreams right away. My pregnancy brain (ABSOLUTELY NOT SOMETHING I'M MAKING UP) kicked in by the first trimester. I could feel this little guy kicking me by 18 weeks, where it took me until week 24 to feel Eve.

I cry readily at everything, including -- most notably and most frequently -- made-up scenarios in which something bad has happened to Eve. MADE UP.  I also keep myself up at night worried about the same things. Two nights ago I couldn't sleep because I kept scaring myself about Eve possibly drowning in our pool. THAT WE DON'T HAVE.

All of this is to say, well, I don't know what my point is. Other than I am very, very pregnant and I still have a million weeks to go and you don't happen to have a donut on you, do you?


  1. I too am expecting baby's kicking my butt!!! I gained a gajillion pounds with #1, I was pregnant EVERYWHERE! Well, silly me went and lost all that baby weight, plus 25 pounds...then got pregnant again. Now, my body is all freaking out. I've pretty much only gained weight in my stomach, which sounds great...except for that it makes me feel like it's been stretched to capacity since about 5 months. (Nope, it will stretch more!) Now, at 38 1/2 weeks, it's reached epic stretchyness and it sucks a lot. I am so much more uncomfortable this time around! I have a really short torso, so I've had feet permenantly IN MY RIBS for about a month now. So much so that I almost can't lean forward without feeling like I'm going to break her legs or something. When I do lean forward, I swear this kid can kick the bottom of my bra, THAT'S how far up she is!! I just don't remember feeling this cramped last time around....I think it's because I had that extra 25 pounds of padding to protect me!! Seriously, I'm ready to have this kid already!

  2. Wow, this so makes me look forward to that future second pregnancy...and I thought the first one was bad!

  3. Okay, please don't feel bad. I lost all but the last 10 pounds after having baby #2. She turns 2 next week & all 10 pounds are in belly. Which means that I look about 4 months pregnant since my face, arms, etc all look normal, but I have this belly.

    I just found out that I'm pregnant again, um, 3 days ago, and already I am a huge emotional mess. I want to eat, eat, eat & I cry over everything, especially the lady yesterday who asked me if I was pregnant, even though I'm only 4 weeks along & obviously am not showing yet. I'm so scared how I'll look in a few months!

  4. You are scaring me. I had a terriblehorrible pregnancy an I was hoping if I lost 30 pounds before I got pregnant again that it would be better. I'll be hiding under the bed at even the thought that I could be more miserable next time.

  5. It will be totally worth it. Breathe. Stretch. Everything will be ok. :)



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