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Whew. I have been on a blogging rampage lately. It is my goal to now post at least 5x a week, so please check back often.

I am also going to take a page right out of the hilarious and (let's call her) transcendent Bloggess's book and start highlighting "The Comment Of The Day." Meaning if you've commented something particularly funny, useful, poignant, flattering, whatever, I want to highlight it. (Because I do a crap job of replying to the comments you leave and that sucks of me. I read them all, I love them all, and hope this helps some.)

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About a million years ago (ten) I was known to regularly rant (to my ex) about
a) Why computer equipment is so damn fugly
b) Why all computer and office peripherals are so damn fugly

With the advent of high-speed internet and things like "telecommuting," suddenly everyone was working from home and converting guest rooms and closets and, in our case, tiny dining rooms into home offices and also everyone was buying computers. Remember 1999?

And remember how ALL computers were big and clunky and either gray, black, or beige? Oh! Wait! Remember how they STILL ARE?

Well, mostly.

I mean, I love that my laptop is white. I love that you can buy skins in new colors. I love that finally, a decade after the five colors or whatever of iMacs came out, we finally have something like this:

Can you hear me drooling ? It's not even a Mac. *drool*

And of course I care about functionality blah blah but come on. This should not be so revolutionary, you know?

Likewise, I feel like it's only been in the last few years that home decor has finally given us options, real options, for office furniture that doesn't all look like you're going to stub and break your toe on it.

My toes hurt just looking at this.
Also, this weighs a thousand pounds and looks good nowhere.

In the same vein, I LOVE when I find office products that don't look like boring office products.

Love these file folders from Ballard Designs.

The point of all of this is that today I ended up at TJ Maxx. This alone is worth blogging about because first of all I thought the entire store had disappeared because I couldn't find it, even though it was just there the day before, except -- a-ha! -- my pregnancy had moved it. And then I got there and was disappointed to learn that they do not have maternity clothes, their "plus size" section includes a whopping total of two sad racks (jam-packed with cardigans) (???) and also the scariest Irish dolls in the universe. So that post is coming a little later because it involves diagrams.

But while I was wandering around in a "nothing is going to fit me" state, I came upon what I think is the cutest damn thing ever!

It's this thing called the "Take Note Tote" and it's by Vera Bradley, whoever she may be. It's really just one of those accordion-style file holders, except it's actually attractive and has handles. It's PERFECT if, say, you're moving and want to get rid of all your magazines except want to put those few awesome recipes and projects somewhere you can actually access. And don't want to put them in a butt-ugly brown file folder.

Here's a picture of someone prancing about with the tote, stolen from the internet:

I'm not sure why someone would want to go walking around with a collection of recipes, or why that person would seem so damn happy about flinging a file folder over her shoulder when clearly the straps are too short for that sort of thing, and I really don't understand why someone would take their files to the beach while wearing jeans, but these are mysteries for another time.

Anyway, it was $9.99 at TJ Maxx's. I guess that's pricey for a file folder, but it's a lot cheaper than packing up and moving and finding a place to put a year's worth of magazines just so I can save about 3 recipes and one knitting project.

And it's so cute!

Um. So I don't know what my point was other than maybe you are also looking for a pretty file folder? Or something? And also hate ugly office furniture?

Buying this is kind of like packing!

*****Comment of the Day*****
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently bought a laptop. When I told my coworker (who was helping with researching what I should buy) what I was looking for, I told him that the #1 criterion was that it was purple. I bought my purple laptop and it brings me so much joy every time I use it. Especially since I also bought the matching purple wireless mouse.


  1. That computer made me drool as well...I was sort of hoping it would break my (hideous black/grey) laptop so I could somehow justify getting that one. Pink! Shiny! Over-sized flowers!

    Also: Vera Bradley has other cute office supplies; I'm thinking specifically of a clipboard that I've lusted after. (I know. A clipboard. But seriously!)

    Anyway, I loved everything about this entry, especially your captions (which actually made me laugh out loud). :)

  2. I recently bought a laptop. When I told my coworker (who was helping with researching what I should buy) what I was looking for, I told him that the #1 criterion was that it was purple. I bought my purple laptop and it brings me so much joy every time I use it. Especially since I also bought the matching purple wireless mouse.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more - why oh why must office furniture and stuff be horrible colours!! My laptop is a red dell and I love the colour!! I also have some file boxes from Ikea - in all sorts of patterns - we need inspiration!!

  4. It *is* kind of like packing. It's even more like packing if you then when home and attacked those piles of magazines.

    And now I must try to find something similar because I'm running out of storage space and I need something to save recipes in. :) (And we don't have TJ Maxx.)

    (My word verification is "gametail". That amuses me. Am I game to get some tail? Or my tail up for some game? Hmmm )

  5. Ooooh, that laptop. Yum.

    And yes, the file folder is totally like packing but without the jinx potential. Because for all the universe knows, you're simply getting your ass organized!

  6. This goes along with your post about why there are no video games for women. I mean, none of this is so out there, right?

  7. The tote would have come in handy for meetings when you were still working. I guess now it might hold stuff about the baby's room decor or something. I agree it is cute as can be, though.

  8. Ya know, I AM looking for a pretty, portable file folder! Seriously! Thanks, Kiki!

  9. I believe your new tote is officially marketed as a scrapbooking paper file, and that's why the perky woman was toting it around - we scrapbookers like to take our projects with us whenever possible. Even to our beach cabana with lovely white wicker furniture. I don't even enjoy wicker and I would totally be okay with that set in my beach cabana.

  10. Cute bag! I'm not one to be a fan of Vera Bradley so that's saying a lot...her regular purses and bags are such a hot commodity that she's referred to as the "Gucci of Indiana" around my hometown. Ridiculous. Some of that stuff is just god awful.

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