Dear Al Gore: Are You Happy Now?

Ish and I are on the sofa, having just finished dinner. We both have our laptops in front of us, and American Idol is about to begin. We're prepared to do some Twittering.

My IM window pops up. It's Ben.

Ben asks: Does Pete's fart stink?

I turn to Ish.

"Why is Ben asking me if your fart stinks?"

Ish replies, "Because I just tweeted that I farted."


  1. I must have missed Ish's fart tweet. Am thankful.


  2. The internet at it's finest!

  3. that just brought me no small amount of joy.
    -el skarkster

  4. All the worlds have finally collided!

    This is hilarious. I just found your blog and I'm luvin it.

  5. We've underestimated the romance of the internet.

  6. OK, this week I think I have reached the end of the Internet and can turn around and go home. First this, and then my Dad friended me on Facebook. Heading for the hills.

  7. LMAO! The new generation. . .

  8. Awesome! I did not notice that particular fart tweet of Pete's. His tweets are quite interesting and funny; I loved the one about the business plan that looks like a Unabomber Manifesto.

  9. too funny!
    never ceases to amaze me when technology come full circle like that...


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