She Just Reviews It

Oh-ho! Prepare to be deeeelighted!

(or something)

The internet is kind of magical, and also mysterious and crazy. (I can well vouch for the crazy part, hi.)

And so through its magical, mysterious ways I was given an opportunity to buy furniture from and review my experience. Except I can't do it here because I'm running ads from an Ad Network that I'd prefer not to piss off. *cough*

(Hi Jenny! I'm following the rules!)

So now you HAVE to go over to my ad-hoc review site, which hosts all of ONE review, but involves LOTS AND LOTS of pictures, and cats, and photos of my apartment, and the grossest thing I have ever done for the sake of blogging and shopping.

Click for the magic and mystery!
(And learn about bunching cubes!)


  1. Love the new tables! Love that you licked his sweaty head! Mmmmmm!

  2. Linden street?!?! Traitor!!! Although, nice sketch- it helps ease the pain


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