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Hey, so, if you haven't been here in a couple days, please note that my Kos/BlogHer post below is very important. However, I'm not sure that it trumps writing about Project Runway.

As you might know, I occasionally help my friends at MidSeason Replacements with some recapping. Now that work has settled down just a wee bit, I am recapping Project Runway every other week, starting with episode 3.

My summary is entitled:

I sat down to do my first Project Runway recap and realized there are like three hundred contestants this season. Every time there’s a group shot I’m all, “Wait, who is THAT?” I mean, you’ve got the sun-tanning maniac, the leather fetishist, third-person Suede, Bettie Page, two girls who are indistinguishable except for one has bangs, and then I don’t know. Like 72 others.

This makes it very hard to keep track of who’s good, who’s sucking, and who I’m supposed to hate. Still, I’m willing to try.

Holla atcha boy.

Episode 3 begins with someone named Daniel talking about how he’s sad Wesley is gone. And I’m like, yeah, it’s too bad Wesley is gone becaus–HUH? WHO IS DANIEL? I swear I have never seen him before in my life.

Hmm. Moving on...

You can read the rest of the recap here.


  1. I love Tim Gunn like the uber-fab gay boyfriend I never had...

    but he should NEVER be allowed to say that ever again.


  2. Everytime I see Taxorexic Blayne, I'm ashamed that my beloved city spawned him.

    But I do so love to do my impression of Stella & Suedes imaginary baby who speaks in third person and frequently says "Baby only wears LEATHAH"

  3. Daniel? There is no Daniel left. you all virtually killed him

  4. The important things first...you have your priorities correct now.

  5. The gay Mormon from Utah is hot, as is his cute "buddy" who sleeps in the bed next to his. (Hmmmm...) I don't know their names yet because i, too, am still trying to sort them all out. (And it doesn't help that i'm bad with names.)

  6. am I crazy, or did you say you were going to post daily for a while???

  7. Hey! When are we gettign a "Ghost Hunters" recap on that sight?

  8. What's the deal of your non-posting? I thought this was supposed to be the amazing month of daily posts???? I'm a new "reader"... where is the fun girl I read about in the archives... she got me hooked... this is making me want to let go..

    just saying...


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