For The Weekend: Angel

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Alright. So my posting every day thing for 30 days was a pipe dream. I have been blogging every day, I just haven't created a finished product every day. The point is that lots of posts are in the works.

This takes precedence.

My best friend from forever, Emily, has sent me a request. I have known Emily all my life, and I honestly cannot think of a time she's ever asked me for anything. Naturally, the one time she does ask me for something, it's for someone else.

One of her dear friends needs help. Can you imagine having an eight year-old who received a triple organ transplant? I simply cannot fathom. But it's a true story, and it is happening now...

Please click on the link, please read the site, please contribute if you can.

And please please pass this along. Because these crazy intertubes can do amazing good sometimes.


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