Why I Am Friends With Ben. (Also, GO GIANTS!)

We were very pleased that the Giants won yesterday, and followed up an entire day of celebration by going to a local bar (the Hyde-Out). This is the email he sent to me, Pete/Ish, and his wife this morning, verbatim and in its entirety:

Subject: 3 Things

1) Was there a football game on yesterday? Who won?

2) The way I feel right now is exactly why sports exists...also Pepto Bismol. Who let me eat leftover chorizo from the chaffing dish at Hyde-Out?

3) Were you guys still there when I was doing the New York New York leg kick dance arm-in-arm with the homeless guy and then gave him a whole pack of cigarettes that didn't belong to me?


  1. I totally don't remember the homeless guy

  2. So you guys are Giants fans I take it?

  3. Hmm. #3 sounds like something I'd do.. Just sayin.

    So is that a bad thing? ::laughing::

  4. Oh, to have friends like Ben. His email made me collapse in fits. But if he's emailing his wife, where the hell is he? He can't possibly be at work today.

  5. oh my dogs, what i would have given to see a drunk do the leg kick with a homeless dude. priceless!

    hi, ben! glad you are married or i would be throwing myhself at you, across the internet!


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