While I'm Out-of-Pocket

I'm assuming I won't be blogging much with the move and all (but then, who knows?).

But I want to remind everyone that registration for BlogHer Business is official open, and that the conference is going to be really cool. (I'm working hard every day to make it be cool, so it's not for nothing that I say this.)

Marc took this rockin' pic at last year's event.

Please consider coming. Or if not you, then your boss. Or your colleague. Because this event gets some of the most amazing tech/bloggy/social media people in the whole world together, in the same room. We have discussions and use real case studies, so attendees actually walk away with actionable information. (BlogHer is anti- the "talking heads" thing.)

The event addresses such relevant topics as:
  • Does your company really need a blog? (The answer isn't always yes, btw.)
  • How do you go about getting involved with bloggers?

  • What about Facebook? What about LinkedIn? What about...?
And all sorts of other things. Check out the agenda and speakers here.

Okay, that's my spiel. The point is, it's a cool, small event that is chock full of information you can't get anywhere else. I'm proud to be associated with it.

Plus if you come, I will give you Chipwiches*.

*If you read Liz's post, you may note that this year, she's coming as a speaker.


  1. More Chipwiches!

    I knew there was a reason I signed on again this year.

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