The Movers Arrive in 36 Hours

I'm at Ish's apartment, taking a break from my own box-tape-dust-book-lonesock-hell to help with his.

I am currently sitting on the little bench in his bedroom because that is the only seat left in his apartment. (The futon has gone to its final resting place.)

In front of me is a side table, which has a taped Rubbermaid container (contents: unknown) on top of it. That's where I am balancing Ish's laptop while I finish a couple things online.

Ish just walked past me, heading from the bedroom to the kitchen with something in his arms, mumbling the following statement, in all earnestness, make of it what you will:

If you're looking for your lingerie, it's in the coffee maker.


  1. ish rocks! so do you. : )

    (tiny lingerie or a large coffee maker??)

  2. Ha!

    Well, at least this time when you go to put on your bra, it won't be fridge-cold.

  3. oh, and i am confused. i thought you two were getting a new loft together. are you moving and then moving again? coz that would so sucketh.

  4. that's the first place i always look...

  5. lmao... run outta coffee filters?
    That is so awesome. ty for the laugh.

  6. Nothing worse than coffee grounds in your lingerie . . .

    (don't ask)

  7. So to clarify - as much as I can, really - both Ish and I are moving out of our current apartments into the loft together. So we're both packing like maniacs trying to get both our places ready by Friday, while managing our work-weeks, etc.

    I did not know I had any lingerie at his place. Apparently, neither did he, since he'd thought everything except *his* clothes were already packed. I don't know where he found said lingerie, either. I just think it got put into the box with the coffee maker because that was the only box left open.

    I think.

  8. This will sound weird and retarded (but so am I?), but my dad told me to stuff my socks into my vases when I moved - something about air and pressure and the glass won't break. I failed community college biology while he's an engineer, so I just listened to him. My vases didn't break.

    Ish just may be on to something.

  9. Was he talking to you or the something in his arms?


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