Today Is The Day We Declare That Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Have No Carbs

Coincidentally, this follows the evening wherein we declared that salt-covered chocolate truffles also do not have carbs.



  1. If we can agree that a bagel and cream cheese is what one should eat everyday for breakfast, you have a deal.


  2. So glad you got the memo I sent you. But you left out the part where cheese should be put on nearly everything and pizza is a veggie.

  3. Ahem. I'm going to resist the temptation to ask how your weight-loss initiative is going... Instead, I'll second that motion. Chocolate covered pretzels rock!!! Especially the ones I make at Christmas....mmmm... Hey--was that sleigh bells I just heard???


  4. Damn, if only I had some in the house. very sad...


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