Oh Right. THIS Is Why People Hate To Move.

I wish I could be witty right now, but it's hard when the only working things you own that aren't packed are your computer, your television, and your cats.

I am working from home today and at one point had to write something down very quickly and went to grab a pen and realized that I had successfully packed all of my writing implements. ALL OF THEM.

Except, of course, the Sharpie that's three inches thick that I use for labeling boxes. So yes. I have someone's name and phone number written on a delicate little notepad in big black block letters.

Anyway. The cats are a little wigged out, but also think that the ninety trillion boxes everywhere are very interesting! And when a cat finds something interesting!, it must sniff it. And walk around it. And sit next to it. And sit next to it on the other side. And then sit next to it over here. And then sit on it. And in it. And jump in and out and dart around and ISN'T THIS SO FUN I BET MOM DOESN'T EVEN KNOW I'M IN HERE! LET'S SURPRISE HER.

I'm also kind of annoyed because yesterday while I was packing and all day today while I was working I kept thinking of funny things to write about except I couldn't because I was busy and now that it's after 5 I'm all like, I CAN GET TWO MORE HOURS OF PACKING IN before rehearsal. You know, instead of blogging.

But hey - I also wrote a couple American Idol recaps over the weekend if you want to read them. My friends over at midseason replacements asked me to! Here's the first. The next one is coming soon.


  1. moving is a biotch! I always start out with the best intentions of trying to not bring stuff with me that I don't need, but by the end of the process I am throwing old paper clips, single socks etc into boxes just to be done with it.

  2. I just moved (yesterday, in fact) so I feel your pain. Good luck..hopefully it will all be over soon and we'll all vow to never EVER move again. :)

  3. Just make sure all boxes are cat-free before sealing them with packing tape!!

  4. Kristy,

    I know exactly what you are going through! We went through that last year when we moved to our new house, and keeping our two nosy furballs out of the boxes was frustrating, to say the least!

    But if you think THAT is fun, wait until it's time to UNPACK - - I had no idea cats love to burrow under mounds of crumpled newspaper as much as they do . . .

    Good luck with the move!

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