The Fried Chicken Diet

Anyone heard of this?

I mean, I haven't. But it has to be out there, right? Somewhere? Because while I'm not ready to sign up for fried chicken as a "lifestyle" choice (see post below), I really think I could make a long-term commitment to it.

Oh, and speaking of not being a "lifestyle" change kind of person, have you seen the new Weight Watchers commercials? Where they're all "diets don't work"? Yeah, well. I was flipping the channels and caught the part of the commercial where a woman is looking at different diet options online and the voiceover says, "The Coffee and Peanut Butter Diet?"

And before I realized what commercial I was watching and that this was supposed to sound ridiculous, I thought, "THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!"


  1. If it brings you any comfort, there actually is a the "Cookie Diet". Perhaps you've heard of it? A bunch of celebrities were doing it for a while. Don't get your hopes up though, it only consists of like 3 cookies a day, and they're 'special' and I'm assuming expensive cookies.

  2. I am on the "try to eat fewer and healthier snacks, eat less starch, eat less after dinner" diet that I made up myself. I started some time in October, I think, and so far have lost 17 pounds. Only about 50 left to go!

    It's really hard. Last night I had dinner guests and for dessert served that JoJo's cheesecake from Trader Joe's. But I took a very small piece (about a heaping tablespoon's worth), ate and enjoyed it, and now I am ready to give the rest of the cake to my homeless neighbor.

    You could be on my diet with me. It seems to work without being too severe.

  3. i love peanut butter! damn, i could be on the bp & j diet in a heartbeat. coffee would be a nice touch, too.
    mmmmmmmmm...gotta go raid the fridge...

  4. Can I put the PB on anything I want as part of this diet? If so, I am totally there.

  5. Also in those commercials they mention a "grapefruit for breakfast, rocky road for dinner" diet. I thought, "what's so bad about that?"

  6. My official diet food of 2008 is salt and vinegar chips. See, they have built-in portion control because they absolutely destroy your tongue and mouth and then you have to step away from the bag. For a day at least.

  7. I agree coffee and peanut butter diet sounds delicious, but I think it's a coffee and peanut diet? I fall for it every time that commercial comes on.. But I console myself with that the coffee & peanut diet sounds way less fun.. unless it comes with a food processor in which I may decimate said peanuts until they submit to my butter will.

    The bottom line of the WW commercial is that you have to do exactly what you're doing.. which is just try to make smarter choices every day. I've spent the last week feeling INCREDIBLY unfulfilled.. and then I add up my calories at the end of the day .. somehow I'll have eaten TONS.
    I don't want to turn your comments area into a pitch, but I found a site that's free that I like (fitday).. I log my food and should be logging workouts - any day now.. I had my workout outfit on all day yesterday.. that's almost the same thing. Anyway, I recommend it. :)

  8. that does sound awesome. I'd be all over that.

    how disappointing that it's not real....

  9. Hahaha... That was the first diet commercial I saw in this "weight loss season"--on Christmas Day, no less! I was sitting with my mom, and I said, "Hey, where can I find out about that diet??? That would rock!"

    Actually, I think I spend most of last spring on that diet, and sadly, it doesn't seem to work. :(

  10. Um, I would absolutely go for the coffee and peanut butter diet. Sign me up!

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