I Feel Ya, Babe

But you make it look damn good.

Too bad there isn't a competition category for Breezy Elegance.


  1. My friend told me about that last night - I may have watched it six times in a row, whatever.

    The sad thing isn't that she fell, but that she got a look of fury on her face when she realized she was sitting on her ass. Then she popped up and acted like it hadn't happened, but you could see she was totally furious and knew she'd just "fallen" out of the running. Since somebody who falls obviously won't win, I think she should have made some sort of cute "oops!" gesture to endear herself to the audience.

  2. Love your writing !!! How was the meeting with the personal trainer ?? Please please ... there are masses of us out here dying to know !! Oh ... and I LOVED the divorce post, which I just got caught up on. Congratulations. I went through the same thing !! Such a bonding experience to file one's boyfriend's divorce papers at the local courthouse, eh ?

  3. If you can't fall on your ass with grace and purpose, then you shouldn't put it in front of millions of people. Just my thoughts of course but I fall down more than I stay on my two feet. Admittedly the staff at our local ER knew me by name when I was a kid. How freaking sad is that?



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