And Don't Even Get Me Started On The Hedge Clippers

Anyone else watching Shear Genius?

Good. Then you will understand where I'm coming from when I ask this:

Good Sir? Yes, you in the bandana. I'm really curious about something. How is it that you live in LA and are a hairdresser and yet you do not feel comfortable admiting that you're gay...

...but still think it's fine to change your name to Dr. Boogie???


  1. Ha! I hear ya. I've recently gotten into that show and, out of the closet or not, can't say I'm a huge fan of the Dr.
    I'm also still trying to figure out if Tyson is pure talent or pure evil!?

  2. You should read what the gay boys have to say:

  3. i know!!!! who does he think he's fooling? unless that's a really elaborate and poorly planned hoax.

  4. tng - he is just kind of creepy to me. Dr. Boogie? Really? REALLY? I love, too, that all his clothes are monogrammed.

    browncow - wow! they do an awesome summary. i, too, will miss Crazy and agree she should have her own show.

    anon - i repeat: DOCTOR BOOGIE!?!?!?

  5. there's almost nothing better than hearing jaclyn smith addressing him as "boogie."

  6. i frikken love that stupid show. even find myself watching the reruns when i should be doing other things. then again, all the bravo shows do that to me.

    hate to admit it, but i love tyson and his arrogant self. love!

  7. Sadly, I want Dr. Boogie to win, SOLELY on the basis of the name. I mean, can you imagine?

    "Celebrity Stylist, Dr. Boogie"

  8. Ha, ha, ha! Exactly! BTW - who in the world would pick (pardon the pun) a name like "Boogie?"


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