Operation Cat Pee: FAILED

Came home this morning to find that Monster is no longer as afraid of the electrical tape as he once was.

I am not giving up the fight, though.

For now, I have covered the area in aluminum foil. Everyone suggests aluminum foil will stop your cats from clawing the furniture, so perhaps using it as a welcome mate will work, too.

(I should probably ignore the crinkle-y sounds coming from the hallway as I write this.)

My next step is to buy actual, clear, double-sided tape and just tape the area. And also squirt guns. Because when Sherlock and Moriarty (aka Monster) were kittens, squirt guns were the only things that curbed their bad behavior.

And mommy has been too nice for too long.

* * *

Hi! Remember when I had a blog I wrote every day?

Well, and a mostly non-demanding job? Feh.

* * *

I have two words for you: Ethnic Gourmet.

I have three more words for you: Chicken Tikka Masala.

This is my new lunchtime staple. I am a huge fan of chicken tikka masala, and this frozen kind is a-pefectly-okay. Especially for lunch. It comes with whole grain rice, too. It takes a while to cook if you don't have a microwave (which I don't because for no reason), but it's very tasty and I daresay nutritious.

And dudes. 200 calories.

* * *

Finally, there is a comedy competition tomorrow night that Ish is going to perform in. If you are anywhere near Pleasanton, CA and wanna come by and hang out and drink and vote, that would rock! email me for info!

* * * *
Did you see??? Over there? In the sidebar??? You can subscribe to a fancy feed of this site now, even by email!

Hello, 2005!

(miss you all!) (conference is next week!) (crazy!)


  1. A welcome mate? Did Ish move in? HAHAHAHAHA. Because I never misspell anything on my blog.

  2. Try Feliway spray. They sell it online and at some pet stores. It seems to be working for my cat, after almost a year. My vet actually recommended using squirt guns, though I haven't tried it yet.

  3. I have found that an empty soda can with about 8 pennies in it works WONDERS when it is shaken or thrown at (the general direction!) of a misbehaving pet. Dogs or cats. Monsters indeed.

  4. Yeah, my cat is a jerk. We tried the aluminum foil on the top of the dining table to discourage him from laying on top of it, and he just shredded the foil. We use the squirt gun, too, which works most of the time, but lately he's turned it into a game. sigh.

  5. Here's an idea for the next round of Operation Cat Pee.


    Sticky paws are double sided sticky sheets you can put on couches, curtains, floors, etc to keep cats from scratching up your stuff. It may be the thing to deter Monster.

    Also try Nature's Miracle to clean the spot of any residual odor or else he'll keep coming back to it.

    And finally, many cats will find a new place to "go" when they have to share a litterbox with another cat. Buy one more box and if you can, upgrade all of them to the self-cleaning type.

    There is also a chance Monster has a urinary tract infection or kidney stones. IF the chronic pee fest continues, I would have him checked out.

  6. Hey there. I don't know if it's available to you in the US, (I live in Canada) but there is something called Scaat. It's a motion triggered spary of compressed air that can be used inside or outside to deter cats. It's quite effective, and not harmful. I can't recall exactly how it's spelled, I just am fairly sure it has more than one a in the name = ) Maybe that will help.
    The sticky on both sides tape and feliway also can both be helpful too though. (I've worked in vet med for over 14 years now...)


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