My Very Important Boobs

I think blogs are cool and political and empowering and changing the very notion of communications and democracies and speech and language and art and community. I get excited about the prospects and future of "new media."

One of the women I met at the BlogHer Business conference last week is a professor, and brilliant, and smart, and even SMARTER because she's also British. And I was excited to chat with her because she was saying all these lofty things about the art of writing-for-blogs and how we define "self" and what we share and don't share and what blogging is doing for professionals and just -- it was a very intelligent conversation.

Well, you know. At least one half of the conversation was intelligent.

Because while I was busy being enthralled and discussing all these lofty things, I didn't exactly think ahead to better position my answer to the inevitable question --

"So what's your blog about?"

-- and so, for all my grandiose ideas and sense of self-worth and self-importance, I'm pretty sure my answer did not quite propel me into the British professor's elite list of Impressive Women.

"Oh! Well, lately I've been writing a lot about cat pee."

The conversation didn't last long enough after that for me to be able to mention that not ONLY do I write about my cat's peeing habits, but I ALSO write about such dazzling, profound things as getting stuff stuck in my cleavage. Go figure.


  1. and that's why we love you.

  2. Hey, Shakespeare wrote about the same subjects.

  3. ahhhhhh...breezy elegance~this is why we love you Kristy!!! Shiree

  4. Ya know, Kiki, I just felt it the appropriate time to add this: I avoided reading your divorce series up until about a week ago when I started reading a few entries at the end of my work day. I have just gotten through a really crappy break up and felt that it was time that I read it since all of my hope and love for the now ex had up and left the building.

    I was holding a lot of bitterness, a lot of anger, and just being about as nasty as humanly possible (all for good reason, trust me). But by the time I got to the end of the series, I just exhaled, deeply and fully. And when that breath left my body, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, and it has not returned. You are inspiring to all of us, Kristy--we love the cat pee entries and we love the entries that make us bawl our eyes out.

    I just want to say thank you, because your words have brought a new perspective to this time in my life, and it's about time that I quit carrying that nastiness around.

    Love ya babe!!

  5. Eh. Lofty, self-important blogs are boring. And they make my head hurt.

  6. It is so very true that brits are smarter simply due to their accent. so very true. But they do also have cats who don't pee where they're supposed to & so do I. Because of this I love that you write about it; it makes me feel a little more normal & less of a crazy cat lady.

  7. totally off topic, sort of, but for the record blogging isn't a new thing, nor are blogs themselves an agent of change. rather, it's one more in a long series of steps of new patterns of communication brought about by changes in technology. in the internet age, blogs are simply representative of the fact that people like jargon and mass appeal demands sparkling language. before them went listserv, newsgroups, email lists, online groups, online communities (ala juno), mudds, messageboards, chatrooms, etc.

    i'm not speaking ill about blogs here, they're great, impactful manifestations of an ever evolving world of communication. but the perspective that many seem to take that they're new and unique is at times similar hearing about how columbus "discovered" america. the concepts of self, identity and persona that they give rise to are the same things that post-modernism academics have been talking/writing /teaching about for years.

    they are a step in the process, part of an evolution, not the fulcrum of a revolution (and the differences of evolution vs. revolution paradigms are not trivial ones). but the self-generated press about blogs, and the way most popular media outlets cover them, tag them with the same "revolution" label that we all seem to feel more comfortable with than the "evolution" title which specifically implies an unknown future. so we wind up hearing, a bit ad-naseum, how blogs are changing the world. when really it is a 30 year old trend of radically new communication capabilities that are steadily evolving what identity, speech and communication means. and the focus on the blogs ignores the underpinnings of what is changing the concepts of communication. in fact, i'd argue that the socio-political system springing up around the blogging community is actually fairly antithetical to the overall evolution that is happening.

    ok, so i covered alot of stuff very briefly. probably a bad forum for it. but oh well.

  8. what is a blog?

  9. "Oh! Well, lately I've been writing a lot about cat pee."

    I love this. It's so my world sometimes. Did you ever see the Sex & The City episode where Carry talks about being "the fluff."

    Love the fluff!

  10. Had a very crappy going-through-divorce day, and hadn't even cracked a smile til now. Thanks :)


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