To Forgive, Divine

Dear Gavin,

I thought we talked about this.

I mean, maybe I didn't make myself plain enough, I don't know. I just find it hard to believe you don't regularly read this blog.

Anyway, just so we're clear: I'd like to reiterate that having an affair with me would have been a LOT less complicated than sleeping with your married employee. Why go through all that hassle?

Now you're down a campaign manager and all on the news and everything, and it's kind of a mess. Personally, I'd rather be hearing the details about our troop escalation and/or our possible, you know, war with Iran. But you made a bad decision.

If, say, you'd been with me, this never would've gotten out. Not only would I have been way cool about the whole thing, I'm also super discreet! And classy! Sure, I might have blogged the details of our hot, exciting, tawdry, fun, sexy...

...sorry, drooled a little on the keyboard there. What?

Oh right. Blogging about our hotness. Mmm. But you totally wouldn't have had to worry about anything. My invisible internet friends wouldn't have told anyone, I promise. And plus I totally would have given you a pseudonym like BigG, or like, TheHotMayor.

I tell ya, we could have had something, G-Dog.

But now? Now I'm currently involved with someone and I don't think he'd be too keen on our hooking up. You know how men can be. (Still, I'll let you know if anything changes.)

Keep your chin up in the meantime, okay?


Oopsy! How'd he get in there? Amazing what happens when you let your mind wander.
Oh well! The more the merrier, right? G-Dog, meet BigDog.
Now, G, why don't you take off your shirt while BigD, you come over here and rub my shoulders. That's right...


  1. I have to agree about mr mayor Gavin. He's probably the best looking mayor I've ever seen.
    I don't think I'd want to fool around will Billy though, I think Hilary hits hard!

  2. At this point, I think Hillary could care less. Gavin, though...yummy. You know, I really doubt the news of this affair will do anything to hurt G-Dog's career. I mean, are there any politicians out there not hittin' a little something on the side? Or smoking/snorting/shooting/drinking some pain relieving substance?

    The only individuals in our society that revel in the extracurricular more publicly than politicians are sports stars.

    And we, eager for the latest bit of gossip, eat it up like we haven't seen food for weeks.

    Just wait, this too will blow over and we'll have something new to feast on soon. Probably something Obama-related. Now talk about drool-worthy. *Slurp*

  3. I like to imagine that BigG is indeed the appropriate name for him.

    *girlish sigh*

  4. Now, G, why don't you take off your shirt while BigD, you come over here and rub my shoulders. That's right...

    Girl, now that is a MANWHICH I can get with!aungi

  5. I met him while in SF, and I gotta admit, that is one handsome man.

  6. I like that pic of you. I bet the mayor is hurtin at home!

  7. After G-Dog won a spot on the Board of Supervisors and I got to meet him out and about on election night, I vowed to go out on election night evermore.

  8. Awesome! And I agree that Hillary wouldn't mind. She is too busy scheming for world domination.

  9. yeah, gavin newsom is ridiculously hot.
    I always think I have a chance because of his penchant for younger women.

  10. Any guy who sleeps with his good friend's wife is just a bloody scumbag.

    This city deserves someone who has atleast a semblance of integrity.


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