The Nye Mets Are My Favorite Squadron

You know, since I've been dating Ish, I've started paying a little more attention to sports than before.

(Before = Sports? Um...Barry Bonds is in San Francisco, right?)

Most of my life I've sort of just followed along a little, mostly at the time of major tournaments.

(Major tournaments = World Series, Superbowl, um, Olympic figure skating)

But seriously. This year I've actually been watching. And enjoying. And being somewhat knowledgeable! Well, at least waaaay more than ever before.

Like, I watched the Boise State v. Oklahoma bowl game, and even if I just had to ask Ish what teams those were again, it was still pretty amazing to have witnessed it. Just like Stanford's basketball team has been fun to follow lately, too. You know?

Anyway, my point is, I've watching football all season. Seriously. Which is why it's especially embarrassing (mortifying, really) to have just run into my neighbor only to engage in the following exhange:

Neighbor, David: Hey, you guys watching the game today?

Me: Yeah. We're going to a friend's place.

David: Cool, us to. I'm rooting for Indy. How 'bout you guys?

Me: I think I'd like the Cubs to win.

David immediately and dismissively looks to Ish, standing behind me. At the very moment he asks Ish who he'd like to win, I hear Ish mumble, "It's the Bears, Kiki, not the Cubs."

I totally knew that.


  1. hehehehe Yeah, go Redwings!

    Oh wait, that's hockey.

    It's ok, I mean, I know it's the Bears and the Colts, but hey, I'm all for Tampa Bay and they aren't playing, so it makes no nevermind to me. We're just going to watch so we can have an excuse to eat nachos and drink beer. A socially acceptable excuse.

  2. Hey, they are both in Chicago - - so you were at least CLOSE! :-)

  3. One of my friends called me a couple weeks ago and asked me how many teams go to the Superbowl -- the fact that you came up with an actual team name is impressive, by my standards anyway.
    Hope you enjoyed the superbowl.

  4. haha, you and everybody in Chicago would like the Cubs to win!

    Fortunately, it's one of those days that the Cubs just cannot lose (b.c they're not playing)!! Ah, such a good Chicago-y joke.

    So sad that the Bears couldn't pull it off :c( But I'm from Indiana, so I was kind of just rooting for the Bears so that my co- workers would be in better moods this week.

  5. could have easily said he missed the nod towards ferris bueller and it wasn't YOUR fault he wasn't educated in movie lore

  6. My poor Bears.

    Boise State vs. Oklahoma was easily the best bowl game of the year. Nearly the best bowl game I've ever seen.

  7. look, that's what Chicago gets for having two teams with the same animal species as mascots! (I seriously made that mistake in my head at some point recently.)

  8. Yeah...I did the same thing except over the phone to my husband who also doesn't know sports and was with a group of Marines on a bus missing the Super Bowl and I told them that the Cubs were winning (first half). He repeated it before catching it and then I was beat down verbally...luckily I was knitting and didn't hear.


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