Age Old Riddle: Asked & Answered

If a tree falls in

Q: If you work from home and are sipping coffee and don't have ANY important meetings to attend and NO ONE IS AROUND to see it (or the aftermath), will you STILL spill coffee down your shirt?

A: Apparently.


  1. "Another Mashed Potato Boober"8:35 AM, February 28, 2007

    ALWAYS!!! Especially if you are wearing your new fave blouse!

  2. Absolutely. The related law is, of course, if you spill something on your shirt at lunch, and turn the lights off in you r classroom so hopefully the kids will think it is some odd shadow, the smartass in the front row will immediately notice and point it out.

  3. shirt or pajama top???

  4. You will also walk around all day with a patch of hair sticking up all funky, with a piece of lettuce between your teeth.

    The beautiful thing is that no one in the office cares.

  5. The question is.. do you really give a shit?? ::laughing::

  6. Where there are boobs larger than a B cup there will be crumbs and stains. It's a guarantee. And as the boobs increase in cup size the quantity and size of the stains will grow.

    Just a little philosophy from one similarly gifted.


  7. Two words.

    Tide Pens.

    IT'd be way more pleasant if I didn't think of Kelly Ripa everytime I picked one up, but if the end result is no one else know what a crazy coffee-spilling person I am, I can live with Kelly.

  8. I'm with Kirin. You work from home and you were wearing a SHIRT?

    Were you expecting a delivery person or something?


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