Oscars Party!

For years, I have considered the Oscars my version of the Super Bowl (although this year, truth be told, I think I knew more about the...uh...Chicago Cubs than I do the Academy Award contenders).

But no matter!

Because what makes the Oscars SUPER FUN is the amazingly awesome Really Cool Oscars PoolTM that my darling friends Em and Nick whip up every year. Forget those boring contests based solely on who wins best score blah blah blah. Only the Really Cool Oscars PoolTM wants to know about who'll be wearing what, seen with whom, and go waaaaaaay over their allotted speech time.

And in case you think you can't predict that, either, let me tell you: my father consistently did VERY WELL in this game and yet was the kind of guy who, at any time, may or may not be able to accurately tell you what color his wife's eyes were.

Interested in joining the fun? Email me and I'll forward it to you. So fun!


  1. I so know what you're talking about. I love the Oscars and this year's it will be especially interesting. There are several movies that I think deserve to win and quite a few ground-breaking documentaries too. One of them is the film “Jesus Camp” by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, which features what an organization called “Kids In Ministry International” does. Basically they recruit children and make them “talk to God.” The provocative nature of the film's contents have prompted outrage from non-evangelical Christians and secular people, who suggest that Kids In Ministry International founder and director Becky Fischer employs brainwashing and child abuse to achieve her ministry's goals. We recently got an exclusive interview with Pastor Becky Fischer if you and you readers are as intrigued as I was, please check this link: “Oscar-Nominated Jesus Camp's Leading Lady Speaks Out” http://www.orato.com/node/1820


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