Space Heaters

so yesterday afternoon it finally occurred to me that maybe i ought to just buy a friggin' space heater.

$40 later* i learned that i was right. it rocks. no more frostbite.

also i finally hung lights and some decorations while playing christmas music and mulling cider, so it's officially the holiday season at...


i think i need a name for my apartment.

Purl calls her place Chez Spinster, which is quite catchy but should also be trademarked. (plus i only have HALF as many cats as she does (as part of MY divorce settlement) so HAHA!) (uh, right. and who cares if i live in a space about 1/10 the size of hers?)

well, anyway, i need to come up with something my place is. other than Warm Through The Grace of Space Heaters.

i always think that some amazingly, heart-achingly, made-for-lifetime-tv-in-december-ly romantic thing is going to happen to me at christmastime.

i have believed this since as long as i can remember.

it has never been the case.

like, okay. last year, TheBoy and i had some lovely evenings out on the town, but nothing out of the urban-couple ordinary happened. well, except that i got to go to a holiday party for a sex toy company, but that's just a super-cool time. not exactly romantic.

in years previous, my ex-fiance was considerate and kind and a fabulous companion -- especially on trips "back east." and he's the only person i know in san francisco who ever got to meet my mom. but still, with the romance thing? not so much.

and goodness. before him? gosh. i suppose there was my ex-husband. and together we had fine christmases, sure...but they were all lukewarm, romantic-wise. and he bought me horrible gifts. (totally shoulda known.)

and before THAT? (wow, i'm getting old.) pre-my-ex things are a little spotty.

Mr. Adorable was considered a savior at my parents' house one year because he was coming from new york when we remembered collectively that the liquor stores in connecticut would be closed for TWO DAYS in a row and certainly we didn't have enough stock for that and so at 7 p.m. on christmas eve he arrived with lots of beer. my parents couldn't have been prouder.

he was a great guy, but seemingly not for me. which i knew, sadly, even when we got to go skating at central park one late december evening. almost lifetime-movie-worthy.


i'd have to say that otherwise, the most memorable christmastime romance-like things i've partaken in come down to:

A: being 14 and a freshman in high school and going to a billy joel concert on december 21 with a bunch of my friends. except the group tickets we got included two tickets that were separate. and i ended up in them with the boy i was interested in (who was also interested in me). that was kind of cool. we ended up kissing, i think.

he was a senior, and brilliant, and was my first real boyfriend. we dated for two years.

(now he's a bigshot lawyer and a huge republican and i can only assume he still refers to the civil war as "the war of northern aggression.")

B: i was 11 and in 6th grade -- my first year of middle school. i discovered a note in my locker from a boy i liked. who liked me, too (it turned out). and i got the note just before the first boy/girl dance of my life,which was also the holiday dance. and so at the dance, we talked (which was nearly unheard of in itself) and yes, we danced.

it was the first time i'd understood what it felt like to have a crush that was returned in sentiment.

anyway, i guess have been rambling (shocker!). i just get all gooey at this time of year (even more so than usual) and can't help myself. i don't even have a point.

probably the only remedy is now watching some lifetime special about a bitter, lonely woman who finds love -- and the true meaning of christmas -- when she leasts expects it.

*because what's another $40 in december?


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  2. big believer in (hopeful wisher for) romantic Christmas-time occurrences myself... wishing you a few magical holiday moments!

  3. "Chez Spinster" - I like. I think I'll adopt it for my pad, if you don't mind.

    (Which is not actually mine, but I do rent with another lovely spinster)

    Nothing remotely romantic has ever happened to me at Christmas. Bah Humbug.

  4. Hi Kristy,
    Yes you do have a point!

    ISH.. are you reading Kristy's post here??? Pay attention mister.. we're expecting you to be the total package THIS year.. that may or may not involve cases of beer... skating.. and some truly sappy romantic handholding stuff!

    Remember.. we're watching you!

  5. First I just want to say how happy I am that I get to come here and read daily posts and I don't have to go through withdrawl. YAY! Thank you for the posts!

    Second I don't have any lifetime-esque Christmas stories either. I don't think they exist, just a rumor and a fairytale.

  6. It is most likely time for the watching of "Love Actually."

    Go on then.

  7. OMG!!! I thought I was the ONLY one who "LOVES" LOVE ACTUALLY". Kristy you MUST watch it and anyone who has NOT seen it must watch because it will make you laugh and cry and its about Christmas and love and all that romantic sappy stuff. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I have watched it about 1000 times!

    I'm just sayin' is all!
    (BTW, he also makes fun of me when I say that too..I dont know why.)

    IIF in Fresno

  8. anon,

    of course i OWN love actually and have already watched it twice this season -- including when i forced Ish to watch it. (i'm also not allowed to say "just sayin'" or "'nuff said").

    but i could not watch love actually last night because i wasn't in the mood to cry like a baby, which i do EVERY time i watch the movie for really no good reason.

  9. i think movies make girls wait for that romantic stuff to go on. i wait for it. sometimes i get it... like when i worked on an ambulance, and my boy worked with me for new year's eve. working doesn't seem romantic, but there we were by the river, watching the fireworks, a quick kiss at midnight, before we had to rush back of for some drama (nothing was actually dramatic, but it seemed briefly like a movie moment). I think most boys (ISH... be sure to listen) are blissfully unaware that they are in the unique position of being able to create special moments (are they expected? wished for? fantasy entirely?)...

  10. i'm a total sap for the christmas romance too. i get all gooey on those commercials for cars where the husband buys one for his wife and it's in the driveway with a bow on it. and of course the diamond commercials. not that i want diamonds per se, it's just that a nice piece of totally useless jewelry is just the ticket for christmas, i think. i wonder if my pseudo-not-quite-a-proper boyfriend will get me anything? we shall see. hope ish gets all sappy on you!!

  11. Is it ok for a heterosexual guy to admit that he owns "Love Actually" and has seen it many times over ?

    Favorite scene from the movie : When that guy comes upto Keira Knightley's door with those placards.

  12. I think "Murray" would make a great name for your apartment, Kristy.

  13. i think i need a name for my apartment.

    How about "Maker's Park"?


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