I Am Weird

not that this is news or anything.

but tonight? i dunno if it was the insanity of my online shopping experience last night (more on that later, aren't you so excited?), or like the fact that i haven't slept nearly at all this week, or that work has been busy and i have about a hundredteen little projects in the works and i've just, therefore, lost it, but this is what i ended up doing tonight:

i went to my boyfriend's apartment while he was out doing things that i did not have the energy to do and...

...much to my surprise...

...you ready? (because really, this takes the cake in terms of things i absolutely do not need to be spending my time doing...)

i watched titanic (um, holiday cheer anyone?) and you know, rearranged Ish's entire apartment.



i have no excuse. no explanation. it was just...well, i walked in the door and decided i didn't think the set-up was optimal.

[not optimal? right. this is coming from a woman who will leave cat barf on the floor for days in her own apartment, with the hopes that magic cat-barf-cleaning-faries will come and clean it up.]

[they don't, by the way.]

but for some reason -- perhaps because i had a hundred million other things to do -- i decided that everything needed to be moved. everything.

and now it's all in a much better place (according to hi, crazy cat-barf lady) and um, he'll be back soon and i will just have to explain, as calmly as possible, that it's christmas, i'm not ready, and whatever. titanic made me do it.

never let go, rose...never let go.

just uh, move the lamp over there.


  1. That was always my favourite part of that movie:

    "I'll NEVER let go!" RIGHT before she shoves him - WITH BOTH FUCKING HANDS - to the watery depths. Love story? Murder Mystery? YOU decide.

    I wouldn't feel TOO bad for re-arranging. He's a boy. It's entirely likely that he had it ALL wrong anyway.

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  3. That reminds me of when I was in college. I always seemed to find "more important things" to do, instead of...oh, writing my thesis. Laundry was always at the top of the list. Drinks with friends? Also at the top. And, strangely enough, rearranging my apartment.(I had enough boy-problems in my 20s that I didn't even have a boyfriend's apartment to rearrange.)

    What am I avoiding now? Making a compilation CD of my fave songs that I listened to this year, that I intend (-ed?) to give as gifts to my friends. Somehow, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" is more important.

    And reading blogs.

  4. Don't worry, dear. He won't notice. But if he does, simply say you have no idea how it happened and please could you have a glass of sherry.
    That should do it.

  5. what did his wife think?

  6. Mucho admiration for anyone who has the energy to rearrange an apartment. As for me I place soemthing somewhere and that's where it stays until it disinegrates.
    I don't have a cat, but I am hoping that the Hoover Fairies will come do my place one day.
    Take care

  7. that is so funny, and totally something i would do. when i had boyfriends (bad dry spell lately) i used to clean their apartments and rearrange things. meanwhile my apartment looked like a before picture in an ad for mr. clean. no sense. on a totally different note, i watched titanic the other night too. i waited on leo a couple of weeks ago, and for some reason his movies have all over lately. god he's hot!!

  8. I hope Ish is appreciative and not pissed off. It's just that I wouldn't want anyone rearranging my apartment. Cleaning? Absolutely! Rearranging? Not a chance.

  9. Kristy, I'm glad I discovered your blog - sometime around August. Reading your stories lets me know I'm not the only one who buys yarn for projects that don't get done or has adventures with plastic wrap and litter boxes or losing weight. Although I've never rearranged anyone's apartment I did once clean and rearrange my mother-in-law's kitchen cabinets. But that's a story for around the campfire.

    BTW I tagged you on my blog today - one of those silly games. feel free to decline to participate.

  10. but for some reason -- perhaps because i had a hundred million other things to do -- i decided that everything needed to be moved. everything.

    pssssssssst. It's a control issue.

  11. control issue? perhaps. probably in the sense that everything else in my life seems to be just ever-so-slightly out of control (of my own doing) that once i got going on the apartment i couldn't stop.

    meaning when i pulled the table out from against the wall so that i'd have room to eat, it caused me to move the chairs over, too. and then move the papers out of the way so that i wouldn't spill on them. but there was nowhere to put the papers, so i moved the books out of the way...

    you get the idea.

    anyway, Ish had said days before that he hadn't put much thought into where he put his new Ikean furniture, and volunteered that if i had any ideas, i should feel free to "feng shui the shit out of the place." so there you have it.

    i would've just knitted, but i forgot my second needle. again.

  12. Dude. I totally wrote my comment before I read the rest of them, including the one right above mine. I swear I am not making this up.

  13. yeah, my college roommate and I used to completely rearrange our dorm room right before finals every semester... something about rearranging makes you feel like you can get everything done.

  14. I keep waiting for the 'cat-barf-cleaning-faries' too. After ignorning the pile on my windowsill for four days (my job requires me to be gone 15 hours every day) I finally broke down and cleaned it up. By that point it had taken the paint off, and some of the plaster. Stupid faries anway.

  15. I am laughing so hard, tears are running down my face!!!! Why? I have done exactly the same things...It just makes perfect sense!

    Good luck and Merry Christmas:)
    Nikki, Cambridge, MA

  16. Control? you betcha! in the same way I control my environment by decorating christmas stockings for stuffed animals, and trimming a $1 christmas tree, and framing pics of my friends INSTEAD of working on my final 10-page paper and speech.

    Because I can do *that* at work.


  17. "How to LOSE A Guy in 10 Days..." I think this is around day 8....


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