Oh, Hey, Where'd THAT Week Go?

otherwise known as "it's december 13 already?"

hi everyone! (or like, all four of you who even bother to check in anymore since i have yet again fallen woefully behind and also you're probably just as busy as i am.)

how are you doing?

you all done with your christmas shopping yet? (HAHAHAHAHAHA.) how 'bout sending out those christmas cards? got that done? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) or um, knitting? how's that going for you guys? (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

here's a funny story: yesterday i spent at least four hours at work with the amazon.com window open, so that between meetings, phone calls, emails and like, actual work, i could "add" things to "my cart." and all of this amounted to -- at the end of the day -- drum roll please -- that's RIGHT!

purchasing exactly zero things.

well done.

here's another knee-slapper: after carefully planning out SIX knitting projects and purchasing yarn WELL before thanksgiving for said projects, i have to date managed the following (ready?):

- Project One: completed gauge swatch. cast on. worked about an inch in the round. four months ago.

- Project Two: oh, look, that yarn sure is pretty.

- Project Three: i'll bet that pretty yarn would look nice in a matching hat.

- Project Four: my my, that OTHER yarn is super pretty, too. and soft.

- Project Five: thought maybe i could make the Matching Pretty Other Yarn project into something more manageable. where manageable = very small and lame and not exactly worthy of giving as a gift so probably shouldn't. but it's the one that's almost done. naturally.

- Project Six: complicated but lovely idea involving different sized needles and much fancy yarn. began on thanksgiving. haven't touched since. gave in and added nicer, store-bought version to cart. might actually even buy in time for christmas. (i'm not holding my breath.)

and so what did all this yarn bruhaha (above) teach me?

of course. nothing. because -- even though it is totally not my fault because i didn't know the art store also sold yarn until i was standing in front of it totally innocently -- i bought more yarn on saturday.

right. zero gifts purchased yesterday, but PHEW. i have MORE YARN i can be unsuccessful with. super.

and other projects funny stories?

well, there's the one wherein i forced my a cappella group to wear their logo'd t-shirts and pose for a photo (sometime in mid-november) so that we could have the picture to use for holiday cards. because i wanted to send holiday cards for ONCE that were personal and on-time, and i thought if i sent a picture of the group maybe it would not seem so obvious to my friends and relatives at home that no, i'm not married and no, i don't have kids but really, that's okay, see? i sing with nine other girls and that's practically the same thing shutup.

uh huh. don't know when i think those cards will happen. especially as the photos are still sitting in my email inbox. and as i mentioned earlier, it appears to be december 13.

it just gets funnier.

i mean, i haven't mailed the gifts that i did manage to purchase. (because i haven't, you know, wrapped them.) haven't figured out what i'm bringing to a potluck dinner on saturday. or what i'm wearing to a holiday party tomorrow night.

and work is busy and i have stand-up class on thursday (no new material at all), and am leaving next week for the east coast and have three group gift exchanges between now and then and also haven't bought anything for Ish.

Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa....


in the middle of all the holiday mayhem, i got to have a lovely brunch with some of the coolest people ever! and it was fun and festive! and also sort of post-modernist*!

see, i work with a funny, funny woman. who is awesome. and i'm still kinda new around work sorta, so in the course of getting to know her (because i work all of four feet from her), i did what, you know, i do. i gave her my blog address.

in response, she gave me the link to her partner's blog. (because her partner is "the blogger in the family.")

and as these things go, i started blog-stalking whinger, and she started reading this. and we started feeling like we knew each other. and it didn't take long before i realized i knew WAY more about whinger than about my coworker -- and vice versa -- and we'd never even spoken.

i mean, you know how it is.

so by the time it got to the point where i was regularly engaging in conversations with my coworker about her darling partner, as though whinger and i were good friends from way back and hey, how's she doin'?, eventually it dawned on all of us that maybe we should actually like, meet.

and ta-da! we did!

and i just need to say that whinger and (her) Partner are a funny, sweet, adorable couple that i wish i had the means to stalk in real life. because if i lived anywhere near them i would totally just show up ALL THE TIME and be like, "hey, new best friends of my life even though we hardly know each other in a technical sense! what are we doing tonight?"

i mean, their home is beautiful and ever-so-tasteful while also being welcoming. their crazy dog is a joy, and their cat was very courteous in welcoming us (and in overseeing our stay from his sofa-top perch). the food was perfect, the music delightful, and just in case you missed it the first time, they are REALLY LUCKY i could never manage to get to their place by public transportation or else they would never get rid of me.

not. kidding.


oh, so yeah. i my friend met Ish's her boyfriend's parents last thursday.

and you know? it went very well. i she didn't spill or trip or fall or say any of the nine hundred million things that would've been inappropriate and were right there on the tip of my her tongue waiting to fall out of my her mouth.

the situation is still, uh, kind of complicated, sure. but whatever. 'tis the season to be merry.

....la laaaaaa

*but in a cool, the-internet-challenges-social-reality in a bringing-us-closer way, not an alienating way. which is probably not technically post-modernist anymore, but whatever.


  1. So, I shouldn't tell you that I leaned to knit in November and, have finished 3 projects, and am rapidly approaching completion my 4th knitted holiday gift? After doing about 80% of my shopping?


    If it's any consolation, it's mostly because I am waving my slacker flag high and work, and DAMN that is going to bite me in the ass in the New Year. I'm also NOT spending time in the company of a hot man.

    Really, I don't think you'd want to change places.

  2. exactly. it's easy to get all this taken care of if you don't have things like a job that takes up your day and a hot guy to hopefully be taking up your nights, ya know? and i don't want to hear anything from the oh so organized among us, thanks very much. keep quiet i say!! i have a kid that no one in my family even recognizes cause i haven't sent out christmas cards in years. it's just the way it is!!

  3. You are welcome ANY TIME as BFF.

    If it's any consolation, public transportation DOES go to our house -- the bus stops two houses away. But then that means BART to bus and that's usually more public transportation than one needs when all one feels like is wandering over to see if Dog would like to go for a walk (she does) or if anyone wanted to make cookies (we do).

  4. I have a suggestion for you, because I am a mom and therefore allowed to give unsolicited advice to toal strangers. Wrap up that yarn with needles and a card offering to give knitting lessons to the recipients. You will then have all six gifts completed. And knitting is very trendy right now, you know, so all those people might well be wishing to learn. felicitations, fibermom

  5. Fibermom,

    You are so clever! That is a great idea...

  6. Hi. I was trying to come up with some clever knitting related name for your apt. from one of your posts a while back. I googled knitting terms and saw this - C2L - "Cross 2 Left. Slip next st onto cable needle and hold at front of work" I was trying to come up with something humorous like "cross to left, slip next step onto cable car...and something about getting to work'. Well, as you can see...I came up with nothing. I thought of you today because I got on BART and there was an A Capella group singing holiday songs. (Yes, on the train) I was about to change cars because after a rough day at work, that is just too cheery. Then I thought maybe it was your group. It was too crowded to see and they got off at the next stop. Please tell me it wasn't you guys. Not that I didn't enjoy your group when I saw you, but during rush hour, on a crowded train...well, you know. Anyway...Happy Holidays!! N~

  7. "no, i'm not married and no, i don't have kids but really, that's okay, see? i sing with nine other girls and that's practically the same thing shutup."

    this cracked me up!


  8. You mean we are supposed to prepare and get ready for Christmas, who didn't give the memo.

    I think everyone is feeling like it is suddenly the middle of December and it shouldn't be.

  9. Personally, I'd like more detail on the dinner with Ish's parents and less on yarn. just sayin.

  10. i get closer and closer to sending out xmas cards every year... last year i wrote and even addressed some... just somehow never *sent* them. this year i have written, addressed, sealed, and even wax-stamped-with-my-initial-because-i'd-rather-futz-with-details-like-that-then-actually-SEND-the-damn-things about 5 of them. no word yet on whether they will hit mailboxes before xmas tho.

  11. you're totally fine!

    christmas presents don't need to be mailed. they magically teleport themselves to their intended recipient.


  12. Ericha2@comcast.net9:45 AM, December 14, 2005


    this is my first year staying west instead of flying east to see my family for Christmas and I am so totally behind. I completely understand where you're at. i have about 20 gifts to send east and am waiting for more. haven't bought wrapping paper yet and the only reason my cards are done is because I had to do 240 hand addressed/personally signed cards for my company and did mine at the same time. (only an additional 40).

    gah! i about killed myself on sunday night getting the tree up and decorated, while my bf sat there making fun of me for being so obsessed with the holiday. he's never celebrated before cause his family doesn't celebrate and i've always been on the east coast. so after almost 6 years together i am about to introduce him to my obsessive holiday traditions. at least you get to go home and have others obsess while you eat drink and be merry.

    oh and the idea about wrapping the yarn with needles was ingenious! good luck with the rest of the holiday!

  13. um, there are people who buy presents and wrap them before December 23rd? I finally got my tree up, but that's about it... the rest will get done... sometime...

    and I personally think spending time with friends is far more important than making sure gifts arrive on the 24th as opposed to, say, January 8th...

  14. Man, the holidays sure sound like lots of work. I like the idea of sending yarn and needles, much more fun for the recipient, make your own gift! This weekend I will be sending out maybe 10 cards, internet shopping for 3 kids, and then I’m off scott free. I am fortunate to be from a low maintenance family.

  15. I, too, will be forced to have a knitting extravaganza on December 23rd and 24th so that my presents will be done.


  16. Ok. I dont know if this is the time to say this, cuz of the holidays and all. But I really want to because I'm worried about you!

    So, I noticed that you said that things with you/your friend and Ish/your friend's boyfriend were still "kind of complicated." Do you mean complicated like all relationships are complicated? Or complicated because Ish is still married BUT is getting separated and that's complicated stuff? Or complicated like he's still married but NOT getting separated (yet)?

    This is of course none of my business. And it IS the holiday season, so tra la la. But one of my favorite things about the holidays are spending them with people I love.

    It's clear that you really like Ish. It seems as though he likes you, too. I just hope he's not setting you up for a huge fall here. Ish - please don't string K along. Your relationship with your wife and your family are for you to figure out. But please dont hurt Kristy in the process. She's WAY too good a person to get screwed.

    You can take care of yourself, K. I'm sure of that. And I hope you dont feel like I'm calling you out (calling Ish out, yes! But not you). Perhaps you'll delete this. I just dont want you to get hurt is all.

    Keep on keeping on.

  17. Fibermom has made an excellent suggestion!

    You know, just think of all the fun you had with your other girlfriend when you taught her to knit and you showed us a picture of her project and it was a beautiful piece of wool? Think how much fun that was! Seriously.
    I've never learned to knit because my mom was always trying to find someone lefthanded to teach me but honestly, I Do everything else right handed except write. I could learn to knit. Your family and friends could too.

    The Whinger rocks. So glad to hear she's as great in person as she is on her blog!!

    take care,

  18. Kyahgirl,

    I'm a lefty and I knit right handed!!! It *can* be done! :-) Go forth and KNIT!!!

    And I agree completely with Ramblin' Girl on the sentiment about presents not really needing to be delivered by the 24th... Presents anytime are NICE!!!


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