Videos For Your Weekend

Maybe you don't care. I would understand. But in case you do, I have two kind of awesome videos for you.

1. Eve
Yes, she is wearing a Keith Olbermann onesie and hat -- an outfit I bought for Ish for her for Christmas. What can I say? We're fans, and it's ridiculous. Plus, she's cute in a stocking cap.

2. My friend, Emily.
Remember how I told you that I was hanging out with my friends, Bemily (who ALSO HAVE A BABY) and we had some beers and then for reasons best left unexplained I decided it made sense to put on a bridesmaid's dress? (Yes, that's me scurrying out of the frame in the beginning.) And then Emily, not to be outdone, put on a wig and tutu? Yeah? Well, I sort of forgot that she then decided to dance around to Don't Stop Me Now AND that her husband took a video of it (that's his charming commentary, plus my laughing and some thoughts by Ish).

It's worth watching because a) it explains why we're friends with this couple and b) the very last moments of the video are kind of precious. (If by "precious" I mean "disgusting.")

Sorry, Em.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


  1. Did anyone ever tell you you're a great singer? Makes me wonder why you weren't doing some karaoke in Emily's routine? Maybe you needed a few more beers...

  2. That Olberman onesie is the greatest.

    I had one for my son that said "Cuter than baby Jesus". I thought was beyond awesome, but there were a few people at my church who didn't.

    I know, right? Weirdos.

  3. Few people actually know that Emily, dressed as Dee Snider, is, in fact, cuter than baby Jesus.

  4. Isn't it great to have friends that you can just be goofy with?!

  5. Did Ish say "Someone just farted!"?

  6. As soon as my baby heard your baby in the video, she made a beeline for the laptop. And then proceeded to have a conversation with Eve. It was a bit one-sided.


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