And The Back Shaver Winners Are...

Congratulations to Christine & Smeep248!

Christine‬ said...
I live in Philadelphia and my husband has not gone to the beach without a shirt on in a long time. I think he hopes most people blame it on the weight, and while we can say that he (and I) have "more to love," the real reason is the back hair.

If only he were gay, he'd be the hottest bear around.

I've said too much. I'll just say, yes please, I would like to enter this contest.

smeep248‬ said...
first week of dating involved attempting to wax. Seriously, I need this in my life...

Please email me your contact information so you can receive your fabulous prize!

And to everyone who entered, thank you so much for sharing your hairy-man-back stories with the internets. It made the contest so worth it. I heart you all.


  1. Ok, so I have to tell you this story. I used to read your blog everyday starting at the end-ish of '08. Then my work quit letting us use the internet, so I fell off the wagon. For some reason, something reminded me of all the long lost blogs I used to read and I decided that I would make myself remember to check them out when I got home. Only, for the life of me I could not remember the name of yours! It was killing me! I thought of one of your stories and googled it... low and behold you were the first one that came up! I googled "pantyhose drawing Kristy." Thought it would make you laugh! :)


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  3. This rocks! I'm so happy for you! And proud. Just think, in a month or so, you'll be able to jog a full 5K! I can't do that, and I'm still doing Insanity regularly (but not 6 times a week).

    In the world of funny coincidences, I talked my Napa dwelling co-worker into doing this last week. She and her friend have been following it. She came to me this week to tell me that they *are* doing it, and planning on getting a 5K run (marathon?) going in Napa. She told me she wants me to come shoot the honorary start gun.

    If it comes to fruition (and it probably will, she's an event planner) I'll give you details if you're interested in participating.

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