The Clever Girls Collective

YOU are CLEVER! In fact, you should get stuff and be recognized (and compensated) for being so clever. Don't you agree?

Yes, well. Okay. So I've mentioned that I have recently joined The Clever Girls Collective. And I have! And maybe you were wondering what I will actually be doing with them. Or what they do.

(Or, you know, maybe you weren't. But pretend.)

Well, the baaaaaaasic gist is that they (we) are a new Social Media Marketing Agency and you can read all about the worky things we do here.  Including how the agency was launched a few months ago by three amazing social media ladies, Cat (@DearBadKitty), Sheila (@Xiaolinmama), and Stefania (@CityMama) who I first e-met because she wrote me almost five years ago TO THE DAY saying she thought that whole Fireman/Ass story on Craigslist was funny.  Soon thereafter, Stefania herself became quite a "blogebrity" and was kind enough to stay in touch with me over the years.


The whole reason I'm writing about this is because you should probably join the Clever 1000 network.

I mean, yes, I'm biased in thinking this is a cool thing to do, but I wouldn't be joining this team (especially after declaring I did NOT want to be a work-at-home mom) if I didn't think the Clever Girls Collective (CGC) was super smart and up to some really cool things.

I will even save you the trouble of going to the Clever Girls' website. Here's what we're looking for:

The Influencer is YOU
As you know - because you are one of them - women who engage in social media activities are some of the most authentic, connected, trusted, and vocal influencers not only online, but "in real life."

Whether you're blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, or just chatting up your friends over coffee, we recognize the power of your personal connections.

  • Do you love to share information, opinions, thoughts, and feelings across a broad range of social media tools?
  • Do you Tweet, Whirrl, Tumbl, Flickr, or Blip because it's fun to connect and share with others?
  • Do you make time for family, friends, to nurture your soul, and/or to pursue social justice issues because it's a priority in your life?
  • Do you value diversity, individual style, self-expression, and doing your personal best, more than following trends?
  • Are you an enthusiastic advocate for the products and brands you believe in?
  • Are you a go-to person for friends asking for advice on products to try or what to buy?
  • Do you have a million and one ideas on how to make your social media and blogging experience better, more rewarding, more helpful to others?

We Want YOU with US!
If you answered yes to some-or all-of these questions, then we think you're pretty Clever, and we want your help building a network of key influencers. And since Clever friends stick together, in return we will support your goals-whether it's building an audience, growing your professional network, making more money from your writing, or pursuing a kind of reward (monetary or otherwise) that is unique to you.

Introducing The Clever 1000
Clever Girls Collective is creating a network of social media-connected, natural networkers and influencers who want to have a voice in engaging with and enhancing your favorite brands-and be compensated for it.

We're looking for 1000 Clever friends who:

  • are passionate about their social media tool of choice-from FourSquare to Wordpress and everything in between
  • love trying out the latest products and services and sharing their experiences
  • thrive on connecting with brands at "in real life" events like parties or conferences
  • are interested in interacting with brands directly by placing ads-that don't compete with existing ad networks-on their blogs
  • just want to write. Or take photos. Or vlog. Or podcast. And get paid for it.

Join Us!
We are creating a group of beautifully diverse and savvy women like you. Women who are powerful networkers, who radiate influence, who share information because it's "what you do," and who thrive on collaborating with other like-minded women.

And, hey! We'd love to hear from Clever Guys, if you know any who'd be interested in working with us.

Want to join up? Learn more? Please fill out this questionnaire and you'll hear from us shortly.

In fact, you'll probably hear from me (though my current definition of "shortly" may need to be revised...).

So that's it. The awesomest thing (IMHO) is that you can apply to be a Clever Girl even if you don't have a blog, so long as you've got an active online presence somewhere. (And dear IIFs, I KNOW you are all quite busy on Facebook and Twitter.)

But I just wanted to put this out there because:

A) I really do think this is gonna be cool, and

B) It explains what I'm doing when I'm not writing here, or on Promtacular! or working on my a cappella group or on Twitter or Facebook or spending time with my family. HA!


  1. I just filled out the form :-) *Pretty* sure that I'm not nearly maveny enough but I figured, why the hell not?

  2. Thanks for this, Kristy. My sister and I have been looking for ways to promote our blog ( and I think we might be what they're/you're looking for. Awesome!

  3. This sounds amazing. Don't know whether I'll qualify/be impressive, but fingers crossed. Questionnaire ho!

  4. Is it only open to IIFs in the US? I'm from Vancouver and this sounds wicked but maybe tis not to be.

  5. This is great -- like some of the others above said, not sure if I'm quite "qualified", but I figured I'd give it a go!

  6. I got accepted today & am looking forward to get involved. Thanks for blogging about this!

  7. Get Paid On Social Media Sites?

    Positions open right now. $20-$50 per hour. No exp needed.


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