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I love checking my blog stats (when I remember to) for the express purpose of seeing what keywords drew people here.

Sometimes I understand it:

I mean, no. I don't think that my story of accidentally smooshing my boobs into a plate of mashed potatoes is what the person searching for "boobs on a plate" actually wanted to find, but you know what? Let's pretend that it is. Because any OTHER forms of "boobs on a plate" is odd at best, disturbing at worst, and la la laaaaaaaa. So, right. Mashed potatoes.

On the other hand, sometimes I don't know how my blog managed to come up in people's bizarre internet searches.

Besides which, and I know I really shouldn't be splitting hairs here, but "male sperm farms"? Is this needed to differentiate from all the female sperm farms out there?


  1. Totally laughed out loud! My friend had a similar experience on her breast cancer experience blog, The Tit Offensive.

  2. 'sperm farm' = funny. Who thinks of this stuff?

  3. Mostly, I read your blog for the plus size porn. That 20% was totally me.

  4. This weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday -

  5. Boobs on a plate?!? People search for that?? I am STILL laughing out loud! I do not think any blog entry has ever had this effect on me. Also, this is my first ever comment on a blog, so...congratulations?

  6. The sperm farms are funny, I had to google it just to see. I figured it would be related to studding for farm animals, and it is. There is also a concept of gender separation of cattle sperm for the purpose of dairy farming, because you do want cows for dairy farming rather than bulls.

    Still, hilarious search criteria!

  7. I found you by searching for the lyrics to a terrible chirstmas song..."christmas in San Francisco". I laughed so hard when I read your take on the horrid song, that I signed up for your blog and posted a link to that post from my own blog. you said it better than I could...

  8. my search terms KILL me every single time. Seriously. Mostly because I almost NEVER remember having mentioned the term that brought them there.

    So. Your sperm farms. What's the deal there? Are they free range or what? Because I'm against factory farmed sperm on principle, but organic sperm is very expensive.


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