Even Better Than Celebrity Apprentice

Nah, who'm I kidding? Could anything be better than watching Cyndi Lauper, Sinbad, and Blago make "business" decisions for The Donald? I'm not sure that it could.

But guess what I did anyway? I mean, just in case watching reality television gets boring (by which I mean you can't do it while you're at work).

I decided to launch a website. Today!

All your prom photos gave me an idea, and I decided to run with it. And I hope it will be successful and fun and something that makes us all happy.

It's called Promtacular!

And, well, that's precisely what it is.

I'm really hoping it will be well received, and as enjoyable to folks outside this blog community as it's been to those of us around these parts.

I'd be ever-so-grateful if you'd pass it along, let others know and -- of course -- let me know if something's not working or if you hate it or whatever.

I also need to say thank you **THANK YOU** to all the brave folks who submitted their photos and allowed me to use them for the site before it was live (and before it even had a name). I owe you each a cocktail or 47.

Oh, and? If this does become successful and I can justify having a party? You're all invited and YOU BET YOUR SWEET PATOOT IT'LL BE PROM-THEMED.

Get the Aquanet and crimper ready.


  1. I could waste a life time on "Promtacular". The photos, the commentary, pure gold! Have had to stifle laughter whilst reading in bed for fear of waking slumbering other half. Will be sending the link round to all my friends.

  2. This makes me SO HAPPY on a Tuesday!

    I'm off to spread the linky goodness.


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