Half-Update: One of Those Days

Profound thought for the day: somewhere between helplessness and hilarity there lies blogging.

There are currently two plates of wet cat food on the kitchen counter. Eddie, one of our four cats, is going from plate to plate, licking the "gravy" off of the beef chunks. Monster is chewing away happily and hungrily, ignoring Eddie. Leon is on the floor, looking imploringly upward at the counter, knowing full well that he wants whatever's up there. Except Leon's physically incapable of jumping up to the counter, which is exactly why the food's there: Leon is diabetic, and should not be eating non-special dietary food.

The reason we are having this special soft food tonight is because poor Sherlock needs it. HE has just arrived home from a traumatic trip to the vet where he had a tumor removed from his head. Naturally, he needed head stitches and this has, sadly, necessitated a head cone. As I write this, Sherlock is zooming around the apartment frantically trying to get out of the cone by out-running it. His plan isn't working.

Sherlock, the only one who needs the soft food (he also had two teeth extractions) is ignoring his food.

The current "how do I give wet food to one cat when I own four" challenge, coupled with the cat who is absolutely miserable in his head cone and keeps coming over to me trying to get me to help him, is making me a little crazy.

But. I can barely process this all because I'm still reeling from this afternoon's shenanigans. I escorted my poor friend to the doctor where she had all manner of female exams and bad news and an icky time and I was happy to be by her side. It must be noted, though, that this trip culminated in my watching a doctor stick a thing that looked like a toothpick rolled in seaweed (it was actually seaweed, the doctor said so) into my friend's hoo-ha.

Some women bond by shopping together.

Anyway, details to follow, but I need to go rest first. Also, for the record, Leon managed to maneuver himself onto the counter just now. I kind of feel like I should let him have his just rewards.


  1. leon totally deserves that food. and poor sherlock! i can just picture a cat trying to outrun a cone. hope everyone is back to normal soon!

  2. Oh dear, the seaweed effects are pretty miserable. My sincere condolences to your friend.

  3. I just want to hug little Sherlock!

    I have 3 cats. I would just put Sherlock in a closed room with food, water and a litterbox for 1day/overnight so that he stays hydrated and can go potty.

    Hope your're feeling okay with the baby in there and all!

  4. Why on EARTH would you stick seaweed in a hoo-ha?! I'm pretty sure that's in the "list of what not to stick in your hoo-ha." Yes, I'm sure there's a list somewhere & on it - seaweed.

  5. I feel sorry for your friend but she must be glad or relievede of having you there with her. Best of luck to her. Must feel weird for you at this time. Hope you're ok with everything and the frenzying cats.

  6. Your friend is so fortunate to have you to come to the doctor with her while she goes through all that. I hope she is ok.

  7. Special diets and cats!
    I have a cat named Leon too!! Mine is mope who is convinced that there is always better food out there and with his luck, he will never get it! he spends a lot of time staring at me. The funny thing is, my cats eat expensive special diet stuff because of Puddy's sensative urinary tract. How they get so opinionated without words baffles me!
    congratulations on the baby!

  8. Wait, wait, wait. Seaweed, in her hoo-haw? WTH????
    I am feeling very sad for Sherlock and for your friend, I promise, but my God, the whole seaweed up the hoohaw thing has me reeling. It's like a pornographic Little Mermaid or something.

  9. Aaah, poor Leon. Wait..seaweed? Modern medicine - YIKES!

  10. I am never tired of cat shenanigans, except when they refuse to hide when maintenance pays an unexpected visit.

    My cat eats *everything* and no food is safe. I jury rigged his food cupboard with magnets just so he can't pull it open and eat his food straight from the source.

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