Dear My New Best Friend

I don't know who you are, but let me just say...

...I think we would get along very well.

Good luck in your search. Please let us all know what you find.

p.s. My stat application only tracks the last five visitors because for some stupid reason I don't pay the yearly fee of like, $25.

p.p.s. Drawing arrows and writing "freehand" is REALLY hard to do only using a trackpad. I mean, even harder than usual.

p.p.p.s. If you were the one searching for this diet, I am serious that we should be friends and am likewise serious that I want to know if you were successful in your search. This baby weight isn't gonna get rid of itself.

p.p.p.s. I hate the Renaissance-themed Academy of Art commercial. Hate. It was just on when I was writing this, and it made me mad. It features the worst acting I have ever seen, and it makes me feel bad for currently enrolled students.


  1. You'll post the diet to your blog, right? Because I'm ready for a diet I won't fail at!

  2. I wasn't looking for a diet, but after seeing that one-I am now!

  3. All I can think of about that diet is - OH THE EFFING HEARTBURN!!!

    Could just be the cheap wine, though. Hmmmm.

  4. It's nice that someone is searching for Crazy Aunt Purl's candle too. Wine and candlelight just go hand in hand.

    Big congratulations to you and Ish on your intimate wedding in such a lovely setting.

  5. Ugh, Academy of Art commercials have always been super ghetto. They used to just feature horrifically subpar multimedia art to entice the stupid and hopeful, but now they're roping in horrifically subpar human talent as well. Credibility what?

  6. My favorite Academy of Art commercial (and by "favorite" I mean it irritates me like hell) is the one about FASHION and FASHION is LIFE and FASHION is ART and you can study FASHION at the SCHOOL of FASHION.

    Someone did not use a thesaurus in the proper FASHION.

  7. laughing laughing laughing laughing (with you, of course).
    Thanks as it was much needed.

  8. do you get to eat food on that diet too??? or just the bottle of wine??? I'm pretty much good to go either way!!! lol

    hook a girl up eh??? :D

  9. When my girlfriend read the Weight Watchers Points guide she did her maths and found out she could drink 15 standard glasses of wine in a day - she figured she'd never be hungry again!
    I do love that girl.

  10. I hate that commercial too. And my boyfriend works there and it seems he can't do anything about getting it pulled.
    Now he just cowers in shame when it comes on.
    I wonder if the bottle of wine a day diet involves ONLY drinking said bottle? And like, maybe a rice cake? I think I could do that.

  11. "Sex and the Single Girl" by Helen Gurley Brown has what I've always thought would be a super fun diet. It's for the weekend- A glass of wine and an egg for breakfast. Same for lunch, maybe 2 glasses of wine. Finish off the bottle with a steak for dinner. Repeat the next day. She advises you share it with a man. I guess that's where the exercise part comes in.
    That is one fun book by the way.


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