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Okay. So let me say that the CVS test on Thursday went very well. (I mean, as well as it can when you have a stabby needle stuck into your abdomen while you get to watch on screen, hoping it doesn't jab the limb off your Spot.) I'll post about the whole experience -- aren't you lucky -- soon.

Before we get to that, I wanted to post about the rest of the story. Because, hi! There's a LOT going on in my/Ish's life right now. (Stuff that has nothing to do with my deciding to become a redhead, though that also happened over the weekend.)

As you may or may not know, Ish works in the wine industry and commutes to Napa every day. That's a long-ass commute -- about 75 minutes with no traffic. Meanwhile my commute in the opposite direction, down the Peninsula, is nowhere near as many miles...but I'm traveling in prime SF/Silicon Valley traffic. That makes my commute about 50 minutes long.

Now. My work schedule can be very, very demanding at times, but it's entirely cyclical and dependent on when our conferences take place. Ish's job rarely demands long hours, but even if he "only" works from 9 to 6:30, he leaves by 7:30 a.m. (a full hour earlier if he goes to the gym) and arrives home by 8 p.m. Assuming I'm not in the throes of a conference, we eat dinner around 8 or 8:30, watch some television, talk, have a couple glasses of wine, and head to bed between 10 and 11. This is all totally thrown off once a week for my rehearsal and any night Ish does comedy (during conference season all bets are off completely).

The bottom line is that we don't see much of each other during the week, and when we do, we're usually in some sort of catch-up, slow-down, veg-out mode.

And you know? Some professional couples are fine with this. In fact, some couples even thrive on this sort of my life/your life type set-up. We just aren't that kind of couple.

Quite the contrary. We can't keep living like this is something we've uttered to each other on more than one "Sorry, I have to work late" occasion, or following the second 9 p.m. dinner in as many days.

Annnnnnd now that I'm pregnant, if all goes well, I am due right smack in the middle of the busiest time of the conference year. Which won't work, on so many levels.

So um. You know I adore San Francisco with all my heart. I love city-living, and I will continue to tell myself that San Francisco will always be here; we can always return. It just doesn't make sense for us right now. Not the space, or the expense, or the rave-partying neighbors, or the proximity to work.

And that is why we have decided, when our lease is up in February, that I will be leaving BlogHer* and Ish and I and our four cats and Spot will be moving to Napa.

Oh, and darling IIFs, if you think that seems totally and completely unreal, like, the craziest thing I've ever written, surely I can't be serious, is all this really happening?...well. My friend? You are not alone.

Hey, it's the new hair color...uh...everything!

*Want my job? Read all about it here.


  1. Hey it's a time of change for you - might as well change your physical surroundings too! I don't think it's so crazy - it seems to fit your needs at the moment and if you find that it doesn't work for you, you can move back (or elsewhere). There's a lot to be said for leaving the house/coming home at a reasonable hour!

  2. OH wow, this is all so much! how are you handling it all? Well I am happy for you guys. There may be tons of change but it is all in a positive direction, congrats!

  3. OMG, your awesome apartment! But as someone who commutes and is married to a commuter, I completely understand.

    I work nights and my husband works a more normal schedule (although his work also involves take home/on-call stuff at night...he's a programmer/project manager), and we sometimes don't see each other for days because he gets home after I go to work, and he leaves for work before I get home. He does work from home a couple of time per week, so we do at least see each other, but our quality time is not that plentiful. For now it's okay, but once we procreate (hopefully in 2009), it will probably not seem so great.

    Good luck with finding an equally awesome place to live!

  4. First of all - LOVE the hair color. We're twins now.

    And WHAT? Leave SF? But wait, I didn't get to hang out with you yet and you're leaving? Crumb.

    But I get it.

    Hmmm, I'm an event manager...I'd love to work with Blogher...the silver lining? Perhaps!

  5. Kristy,

    I've been a long-time (silent) reader of your blog and I can't tell you how excited I am for you and Ish. :) What a great way to start off the new year!!

    Many congratulations on Spot, the engagement and the locale... you truly deserve it. :)

    All the very best, K, and thank you for sharing your stories with us.


  6. Hiya! Long time reader and first time poster.

    I'm so excited for you and your news! I moved to Napa 6 years ago and love it! My other half and I both work in the wine industry. If you need any help or tips shoot me an email.



  7. big big biiiig change! :)
    Still for the best so good luck!

    PS: I finally have the time to e-mail you about the stuff I said I would... :)expect E soon. :)

  8. I am slightly bemused all your changes because dang if you don't change everything at once like me. ;)

    Change is exciting. And scary. But mostly exciting. I'm excited for you.

  9. Moving to Napa? That rocks! You will totes be closer to one of the wine-producing regions in this country, which can never be a bad thing, and which you will get to fully enjoy in nine months or so.

    The hair looks quite lovely.

  10. 1. LOVE the hair

    2. You're entire life (that you've shared with us) has been totally and completely unreal. These changes are BIG and whoa and all at once but...the craziest thing you've ever done? Honey you picked up and moved to SF ON YOUR OWN. All this is crazy and exciting but I have no doubt you and Ish are well prepared and doing what's best for the two...I mean three...of you!

  11. Wow, it's not the job i want so much as your AMAZING apartment! Oh, so sad that you're leaving that place, but Napa is beautiful and i'm sure you'll love it there.

    So many big changes. Love the red, btw. Love it.

  12. Ok Kristy, There's a lot of comment on in this post... but I don't have a lot of time. I'm most curious to hear from you if you are treated differently as a red-head vs a blonde. I've been a read-head all my life and I'm so curious what you notice with your new hair color.

    It's not the deepest question or comment I could have left... I realize that! :)

  13. My husband and I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of schedule either. Early in our marriage we had some issues like this due to different work schedules. I left before he got up, he got home two hours before I went to bed. I hated that, and I really hated it when people would as him to drop by and help with something after he got of work. Not cool since that was our only time together during the week.

    Good luck on your upcoming move.

  14. hair looks great, but isn't dyeing your hair supposed to be bad for the baby?

  15. Lucky duck! Napa sounds like a magical place to live! San Fran will always be there, but to be able to move to Napa sounds fabu!

  16. WOW! Congrats on good-CVS; love the new hair color; am jealous you are moving to Napa; excited for you that you are moving on but sad for me that you, the face of BlogHer to me, will no longer be a part of it.

    Bottom line, though, is huge congratulations for you and Ish and Spot and new beginnings.

  17. I think it's awesome. And so is your new hair color.

  18. OMG - leaving BlogHer!! Dude. So many changes all at once!

    Love the hair. :)

  19. Congrats on all fronts hun! I'm so excited for you! You look fantastic, your little one is thriving, you're engaged to a wonderful guy, AND you're moving to Napa!?!?! Doesn't get much better than that in my mind! I'm sure leaving BlogHer was a difficult decision but it's best for your family and that is what's most important. I hope the good fortune continues for you for ever and ever! Revel in it over the holidays and travel safely!

  20. I wondered and now I have my answer! This is very exciting though I am sad to see you go from BlogHer. And I would SO love to apply for your job except that I live in Seattle so, um, darn it.

  21. Wow. I am so happy for you guys! Having just given up my own one hour+ if I'm lucky and there is no traffic commute a few months ago I can certainly understand the appeal! Plus Napa is fun right? How can you go wrong with wines being grown in your neighborhood?

    Also? I totally have coveted your job since about 2 seconds after you announced you'd be taking the position at BlogHer. Its pretty much my dream job in fact. Alas the grass is indeed greener on the no commute side of the hill. But if I still lived on the peninsula I'd be all over it!

  22. After reading that the CVS went very well, you could have written that you and Ish were moving to the moon and your hair was now green; we would still be mid-exhale and all happy for you. Hooray for all the news!

  23. I'm having an anxiety attack and this stuff isn't even happening to me! So much change! But all of it wonderful. Congratulations to you and Ish.

  24. Totally understandable, especially with a little critter on the way. Besides, what's a little more change, eh?

    Also, it's not like Napa is Newark or Detroit or something.

    LOVE the hair - very cute!

  25. You're leaving one beautiful place for another! And make the best choice for your new family. Life is full of adventures - this is just one more.

    I often wondered why Blogher wouldn't let you telecommute anymore... Wasn't that the original arrangement?

  26. I say good for you! If things change down the line you can always move back to San Francisco. And in the meantime, a change might do you guys good.

    Also, LOVE the red!

  27. Will you look for a new job in Napa or do you think you will be a stay-at-home mom?

  28. I'm skeptical. If you had so little time to see each other as you say, how exactly did Spot come to be? ;)

    Of course you know I''m deeply saddened to see you leave us in RWC, and to leave the city (cuz, let's face it, SF is only as cool as the people who live in it, and we can't spare too many). But I know you'll have a lovely, idyllic life up in the wine country. Hell, I'd move there.

  29. When you pick a place to live in Napa, choose wisely. We moved to the south bay after I had our first son due to the same kind of commute issues but didn't think it out. Make sure you know what you need to make a livable situation for yourself and stick to that list.
    Best of luck with the move.

  30. That's some pretty crazy news, my friend! But of course it makes absolute sense, and of course it's what you should do. You guys need to do what's best for you and your life (not to mention the future wee one). :)

  31. boy, when it rains, it pours! nothing but change for you these days!

    it will be weird to know you're not in the city any longer, but i know you'll have delightful tales to tell about living in napa. and i've always said if i had to leave sf, it'd be for sonoma or napa...

  32. My significant other lives in Napa and I seriously considered a move up there but he decided he'd rather be down here. It's a great place and I think you two (and future three) will be very happy. One of the best things about moving to Napa right now? For what you were paying in rent in SF - you can buy a pretty nice house. And heck, a town with two Targets? How can you go wrong? Good luck!

  33. Wow. Jealous of the move to Napa! I think of moving up there everytime I go wine tasting. It will be so great for you guys :)

  34. I'd love your job but er...I don't want to live where you live either.....that would make my hubs commute to Alabama one helluva commute eh? Just kidding! Congrats and Enjoy!

  35. Love the color.

    Do you read HelenJane's blog? She is a new mother, works in the tech industry, lives in Napa, has a very good wit. I thought you guys might connect.

  36. Love the new red locks! Ya look faaaabulous.

    Napa is so beautiful. Like you, I'm a city dame, so leaving it ain't so easy. The change of pace could be an interesting and festive experiment. Sometimes when I resist change (not that you are), I tell myself whatever I'm doing is an experiment and it feels less permanent.



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