Some Mom Photos

To accompany my last post, I thought I'd throw up a random assortment of pictures I've got sitting around in iPhoto.

Here's a picture of my mom and Healy. We're on the porch of my grandparents' house in Darien. It's clearly not a flattering shot of my mom (given her expression), but I like it just the same. She's got a drink in hand, and has -- quite clearly -- spent some time in the sun. This is mostly how I still think of her, radiating the sun's afterglow.

Meanwhile Healy, ever the sharp child, is investigating the bag next to my mom, hoping they might be gifts for her. Probably because it was her birthday.

Here's another photo of my mom with Healy:

I've posted it before, but it's a pretty amazing shot.

Healy turned 30 today.

She is a mom, too. I took this picture when I was in CT last month. You'll note that Charlie thinks he's stealing her nose:

Here's a picture of Charlie when he was born, as held by his Aunt Sam:

And speaking of which...Samantha managed to avoid being part of the embarrassing expose below, so I thought I should include a gratuitous naked baby photo of her:

It only seems fair.

But I did want to include a couple extra photos of my mom, since I hardly ever post them. She was so pretty, yet I have almost no pictures of her that do her justice.

I don't know when this photo was taken, or by whom, or where:

Yeah. Not exactly "chubby," although she always seemed to think so.

Ooh, especially in this shot. Which is why she is giving the finger to the cameraman. she was not pleased that he was photographing her when she was so heavy...

...even though it was just because she was pregnant. (Also, how much do you love that hair my dad's sporting? HOT.)

I have this picture from shortly after I was born, the first time my parents' friends visited our home in CT. We'd moved from Manhattan, and I believe this was the first time Owen (pictured) had spent any time in "the country."

And just to stick it in here, I have a picture of me on my way to my Middle School Prom. Mom was still tanning regularly. Whereas I was

Way to rock the hot rollers, though, huh?

But if I want to get nostalgic, and make myself cry and smile at the same time, I just pull out this picture, taken on Nantucket circa 1984.


  1. your parents are very cute

  2. you mom is beautiful.
    The photo of yr mom & dad is very late 70s/early 80s glam. It seems like it should be part of the People Magazine "Star Tracks" archives or something.
    You come from good stock, lady.

  3. Very sweet tribute to your Mom, Kristy.

    I lost my Mom 5 years ago last month. Every Mother's Day, I seem to miss her more and more . . .

  4. Your mom was a very beautiful woman. Very classy lady.

  5. I love the photos. Your parents were such a handsome couple!

  6. Your mom looks beautiful and the three of you look so much like her.

  7. shireeinsaltlake city9:07 AM, May 12, 2008

    What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your Mom and sisters - and - yourself!

  8. I love all of them!

    Makes me want to go hunting at my Dad's house for old photos.

  9. what a pretty girls look so much like her! :)

  10. Your mom was gorgeous. In the pregnant pic (with your dad) she looks just like you. This is very sweet.

  11. Lovely. Your entire family.

  12. amazing posts, amazing photos. i can't get over how strong the family resemblance is!

    thanks for sharing.

  13. my bio-mother (or uterus mother, as I call her) will never get along, but my step-mother is my mommy. I can't even imagine losing her, even though I've already lost my father. Anyhow, she gave me the camera she used to take pictures of me with and it's the most precious thing I think i've ever been given. Moms rock. (and luckily, after one leaves, "mom", that maternal force, doesn't have to mean The One.)

    I've really enjoyed reading your memories and recollections.

  14. Lovely photos :)

    I found this entry particularly interesting, as my last name is Healy..I'd never heard of someone with that as a first name :)


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