And She Never Blogged Again

I've pretty much managed to avoid succumbing to the video game mania that has swept the world. I attribute this mostly to the fact that Ish and I are both over the age of 30, but if you're reading this right now and also over 30, you know that I am full of crap. Because YOU own at least one game system. Right?

This is the point in my blogging career where I admit I have never played Rock Band OR Guitar Hero.

Kristy, what is the point of being a single urbanite with no kids if you're not playing Guitar Hero until 3 a.m. every night? What the hell is wrong with you?

I know.

Ben and Emily own Guitar Hero, but the one time we went to their place and they put it on, they wouldn't give up the guitar long enough for me to try it.

Well, all of that has changed.

I'm here in Phoenix visiting Ish's family and last night we ended up at Ish's sister's (Should I call her "Sish"?) place. For the express purpose of playing Guitar Hero.

And do you know who insisted on this?

That's right. Ish's mom.

(Should I call her Mish? Well, I guess we could also just call her Sue. Whatever. Artistic license. La la la.)

The point is that Mish is a little addicted to Guitar Hero and very much insisted that we go to Sish's place to play. So that Ish and I could discover the wonder and joy that comes from the flashing YOU ROCK when you actually make it through a fairly distorted rendition of Talk Dirty To Me, guitar solo and all.

(CC, pick up that guitar and-a talk to me!)

It was amazing. And now I have to have it. And I cannot promise that getting a 90% on every song in the line-up won't take precedence over everything else in my life, including showering and blogging and seeing friends and talking to Ish and possibly being gainfully employed.

Damn you, pointless, ageless fun!

Rock on, Mish.
Look at that intense concentration plus with crazy, unblinking eyes.
If you have played this game even once, you know this look.
You pick up the guitar and suddenly you're overcome with a sense of


  1. I'm 27 and I am scared of game systems because they will make me like my over-30 friends. I will sit alone before I play on a gaming system!

    Oh wait.

    That will make me like my over-40 friends.

  2. I can't even contemplate guitar hero, but I only have room in my life for my Singstar addiction.

    I will get 10000 for a song, I will, I must. Only 150 to go.

    I think Ace Ventura said it best "Obsessmuch".

    Enjoy your new habit, and at least you don't have to share Singstar with kids, now my 4 year old loves it too now, since she graduated above "tone deaf". My 9 year old and 7 year old can get some impressive scores. We do family battles.

    BTW, I'm 35.


  3. Welcome to the cult. Though I have to say, if you're only going to get one game, get Rock Band. It's better for groups, and it's fun to switch up instruments. The downloadable content for the Xbox360 makes it even more awesome. There are new songs every week, so it never gets stale. We have both GH and Rock Band, and we rarely play GH anymore.

  4. Is it bad that my husband owns Guitar Hero for both Playstation 2 AND Playstation 3 and yet I've never played? Should I try it sometime? Really?

  5. Rock On!!

    My big present to myself for getting a Ph.D. this summer is to buy an Xbox 360 and every incarnation of guitar hero and rock band. The plan is to hand in the signed dissertation, go directly to Best Buy, and then spend the next 2 weeks playing Killing in the Name on expert.

  6. OMG! I totally understand. I played Guitar Hero for the first time last week. I dream it now. And, every time I hear a song, I imagine playing it on the fake guitar. It's taken over all ability to make coherant thought.

  7. My 10 year old's favorite song is Barracuda and my 9 yr old likes Alice Cooper because they are GH fiends!! I've played a couple times (a day for the last month) but I'm not addicted. I can quit whenever I want. Really.

  8. Those last two lines are gold.
    Guitar hero/rock band make me wonder why people just don't invest the time into learning actual instruments. ??

  9. I played guitar hero once last year and didn't like it. Never played Rock Band, but a bunch of my friends play it.

  10. I've only played Guitar Hero 3 a handful of times. I feel so freakin' old because I cannot keep up. Now I see Mish doing it and know I NEED to get with it.

    I do have to admit, I love me some Wii bowling.

  11. mexicanmasala! I have a question for you: what is Wii bowling called? I have played one kind once, but I don't think it's the game everyone is raving about. Is it just called "Bowlling"? Is Elvis involved in any way?

  12. Lol. That picture? Classic. I have yet to succumb to the video game craze. I'm worried the exact same thing that happened to you will occur :)

  13. yes, love the picture. the one time I played GH, I'm sure I looked like that.

    It did inspire me to pick up a real guitar again, but "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the real guitar is nowhere as much fun as "Sweet Child of Mine" on the fake guitar.

  14. welcome to the club! I tried in January and had to purchase my own wii despite the fact that I am over 30, live alone and had not played video games since I was about 13. I can't wear contacts when I play GH because they dry out due to the crazy non-blinking stare of following the notes!
    Enjoy the addiction! I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my wii fit in the hopes that I will get just as addicted to working out :)

  15. i loooooove that she's wearing that dress!!!

  16. Totally get Rock Band. The drumming is awesome, and you can play guitar or bass. And sing. (Not all at the same time. Although I bet you could sing with a headset or something, which I've done.)

  17. omgosh. that is hysterical.

    rock on sistah!

  18. I'm 31. Last time I played any sort of game like this I was a teenager and it was when I was babysitting for a six year old who had Nintendo in his bedroom and he let me play Paperboy so he could laugh at how bad I was.

    P.S. Borders is air-conditioned.

  19. The picture is great! :)

    Kristy, I couldn't tell if you were kidding or not about the Wii Bowling - it's on the Wii Sports game that came with the initial shipment of Wii consoles. We recently got the new Mario Kart for Wii and spent an entire Sunday playing against people from all over the world. What fun! Next up - Wii Fitness (with balance board).

    Hey -- did you ever announce the winner of the bike contest?

  20. I've never played it either. I almost did last Saturday, but four 30something men couldn't figure out how to hook it up. There is hope for our kind yet.

    Truth be told, I haven't played a video game system since 1998, freshman dorm, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega Genesis, and a 40 of St.Ides Hurricane. Red flavor.

  21. I used to hate gaming. Then I started playing an MMORPG computer game with Mag and played it almost 2 years. We got the Noodle a Wii last year and seriously? Mag, Fox and my MOTHER - who we only saw the week of Christmas - have logged more time on the darn thing!

  22. I want to get the Wii. It looks like I just might have a slim chance of being able to play with out showing my age.

    I remember playing Pong and thinking it was the greatest thing ever created.

    Did you pick a winner yet for the bike?

  23. for some reason (and apparently against my generation) I have zero desire to play either one...not that the opportunity has not been available, I just dont care. oh well!

  24. Guitar Hero lover here AND I'm over 40. ACK! However, today on my blog I will be doing some Nintendo bashing and have vowed to NOT give them one more dime. I will give $$$ for gifts for kids to buy what they want for their Wii's and DS's but I will not give that ^*(#*^$^! company another cent directly.

  25. seriously.. are you really never blogging again.. cause, it's been sad at shewalks for the last 2 weeks. Sadder still, in my office where there is very little distraction.

    Bud, I'm telling you this as a loyal reader - and for your own well-being. DO NOT GET A NINTENDO WII. Do not play Mario Kart.

    Also, come back to us. Oh, and give me a free bike ;)

  26. Another adult fallen to the will of Guitar Hero... but it's SOO Damn FUNN!!!


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