While I'm Away...

So yes. We leave tomorrow for our trip to Europe. We're spending 4 nights in Paris and 2 in London. I'll be back on November 10th.

I cannot believe this is actually happening.

Well, but I can believe that I haven't packed or cleaned or done any of that other "preparation" stuff. So I will busy myself with that and try not to freak out too much about the plane ride. (omgomgomgomg.)

I doubt I will be able to post much while I'm gone, but I feel that I should at least post SOMETHING.

So here are some random entries I rather liked from the archives. In case you need fodder for next week. :)

* * * * * * * * *

Monday: Awww, it's not so bad. Here, wanna laugh? Here's the dumbest thing I've ever done that resulted in bodily injury. And because I was recently reminded of it, here's the dumbest thing I've ever said on a job interview.

Tuesday: Election Day. Go vote. And then read my version of political satire. I, for one, thought it was incredibly clever. (But this is nothing new...)

Wednesday: Hump Day! And speaking of "hump," here's the one, like, sexy post I wrote.

Thursday: It's Karaoke for the Uterus day!

Friday: Date night! Here is a collection of actual emails I received from ads I posted on Craigslist. They did not result in dates.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Bon voyage mon amie! Have a great time in Paris. Je suis très jaloux.

  2. Paris is so beautiful it will make your soul hurt.

    Have fun, "that kind of girl."

  3. Au revoir, mon petit choux! (That's the only French I know except how to order a beer.) Have a great time! Hope you plan to blog all about it when you get back.

  4. awwwww!!! tu es tres chanceuse! j'aime paris beaucoup!! amusez-vous et bon voyage!

  5. Love your blog! I'm gonna have to catch up and read some archives :)

    Have a great time in Paris!

  6. !!!! You're finally getting your Paris trip!Have the best time!!!!!

  7. Have an excellent trip! I hope it's everything you want it to be- and more.

  8. I hope you are having the best time in Paris!! I must admit I read all the posts already! I totally cheated! Long live King Od!!


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