Flossin' in Phoenix

Ish and I are at the Phoenix airport now, with lots and lots of other people who, from the looks of it, don't travel that often.

There is one man in particular who is currently grossing me out so much that I had to jump online here to tell you about him. Yes, THAT gross.

[Also, our pilots haven't arrived yet and we're supposed to start boarding in 8 minutes and I didn't bring my Ativan.]

But this man. He is middle aged and balding and wearing a lot of denim. And I looked up, innocently enough, and there he was, sitting at the gate, FLOSSING HIS TEETH.

The thing is, I appreciate people for whom dental hygiene is important, and generally associate good clean mouths with good clean people. But who flosses at an airport gate? Surrounded by about a MILLION people and small children?

Sadly, since I began this entry, he has entered new depths of gross-ossity. He put away the floss (I didn't happen to see where he put it, eww), and then moved into picking his teeth with his fingernails. Then he started chewing/picking teeth/blowing through a straw. He then put that away and picked up a book, and started absent-mindedly picking his nose.

Let us hope he stops short of clipping his toenails.


  1. What gets INTO people? At LAX I saw this fat fat man walking around with his Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned and his big hairy belly hanging out...eeew.

    I love Sky Harbor. I think it is my favorite airport, if we can have such a thing.

  2. ooooh... after dinner blog-reading can be rough on the stomach...

  3. Ew. I am so sorry you had to see that.

    But isn't it great that the Phoenix airport has free wi-fi everywhere so you could just jump on and tell us about it? I love that airport. All airports should have free wi-fi everywhere.

  4. Hopefully he won't be your seatmate and ask you to hold his toenail clippings for him as he clips.

  5. Oh, dear God. Believe it or not, I've experienced the toe-clipping thing at a Vietnamese restaurant. =(

  6. ewwwwwww.

    fortunately, i havent eaten yet.

  7. God, I hope you didn't end up sitting next to him.

  8. EWWWW!!!!

    You'd think someone who was so picky would be..well..more picky about where to perform his hygiene!

  9. Ewww.

    Ewww. Ewww. Ewww!

    It's now my lunchtime, and after reading this, I am NOT hungry. (Oh well, it's a good time to start the after-Thanksgiving diet, I guess!)

  10. And the point of this criticism is to do what, exactly? Oh oh ohhhhhhh, now I remember, give you an excuse to post an entry on your blog so that yes, once again, you come across as so-much-better-than-others. Nice, Kristy. Real nice. Oh wait, don't believe me? Why don't you go back and re-read what you had to say about tourists in San Francisco, y'know, those snide remarks you made about their behavior, mannerisms, and whatnot.

    Gee, just think, some French woman probably spied you and the formerly-separated Ish in Paris and posted comments about you doing such ridiculous activities of your own, like maybe when you two insisted on taking a photo of yourselves from your hotel balcony at night just so you could post it in here. Among other tacky things, I'm sure.

    So look yourself in the mirror before you blow hate outta yer peeps and feel the need to blast it all over here. Oh wait, you can't see yourself, that's right, I forgot, vampires have no reflection. My bad!

  11. Like everyone, I agree that personal hygiene tasks conducted in public are unpleasant to watch. And I swear I was going to come up with something vaguely funny to say about it, but Dizzy Ms Lizzy's awesome cat-eye-blinking thingy has me totally mesmerized.

    And wow, on preview, I didn't realize that your post was so controversial. So it's bad manners to take a picture of yourself on a hotel balcony? Yikes, I must be incredibly rude, because that never even occurred to me !

  12. Wow Joy...for such a festive name you're quite the bitch. Instead of flaming K for posting content on a website that belongs to her and she chooses to share with us...why don't you start your own blog and bitch about her there? Otherwise, act like a mature adult and stop reading if you don't like what she has to say instead of ranting like a child.

    K - It's amazing what people think they are entitled to do in public. ICK! I'm travelling east for Christmas and am so glad we have no layovers. Just hoping that we don't get stuck at SFO or JFK for any length of time. I hate airports.

  13. joy,

    um, i would say in all fairness that a heaping majority of the content of this blog is my posting about stupid/inappropriate/unfortunate things that i do. i would also say that most of my snide-ness is directed at myself. i make fun of myself faaaaar more than i would dare make fun of anyone else.

    there are a good lot of bitchy, gossipy, hate-filled blogs out there, and i would never consider mine one of them.

    personally, i think your assertions are misdirected.

  14. ok, the more I think about that troll comment the funnier it becomes. She's CRITICIZING you for CRITICIZING people! Because it comes across as self-righteous and bitchy! mmmm irony.

  15. Certain things are Private Bathroom Behavior. Period.

    Also, please post some more about Paris?

  16. A friend witnessed someone clipping their toenails on the subway in New York this summer. Truly.

    Hey Joy, you seem to be taking this a bit personally. Hitting a little too close to home? Sheesh.

  17. Joy,

    Please turn the mirror around and take a long, hard look at yourself.

  18. When I read the title, I thought you were like, wearing lots of diamonds in Arizona. Hmm, maybe I've been listening to a little too much Fergie?

    And not to pile on your troll up there, but it's my experience that people who are named for warm-and-fuzzy abstract concepts don't match their names. Like here, Joy obviously doesn't have a lot of joy in her life. And I once knew a Charity who wasn't very cheritable.

    That said, you did a good job of responding to her in your comment. Bravo! :)

  19. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. I can't believe someone would DO that.

    (Oh and the flossing / nose picking thing is pretty gross and annoying too)

    (Joy is lame.)

  20. Unfortunately, I floss in public. I am, however, a dental hygienist, so I'm weird like that. Also, I tell people to floss where ever they remember. But usually, I do it in front of my TV and not in an airport surrounded by people, but hey. If he's gonna do it, two thumbs up for him. All the other gross stuff..I have no excuse for.


  21. But it's so NICE to have a hobby!


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