On A "Lighter" (Har, Har) Note

Friday fun! (Perhaps my keyword analysis should be a regular Friday fat feature?)

awesome.  just, awesome.

Lookie there! Hurrah! I have done it! I am now THE online destination for anyone seeking "unattractive fat women"!


I believe my work here is done. Have an awesome weekend, everyone.


  1. Anon (definitely not Ish)4:35 PM, September 08, 2006

    How did that "moving in with new boyfriend" search track back to you?

    I can't believe you haven't gotten a hit from someone searching for "moving in with new booty."

  2. But you're also a destination for "Pirate Booty" which sounds kinda... fun. If you sleep with Johnny Depp, we want full disclosure.

  3. Oh yeah, if you're somehow tied in with pirate booty involving Johnny Depp, I want full disclosure INCLUDING PHOTOS!!!

    (You go girl!!!)

  4. let's focus on the pirate booty..because I don't wanna have to beat you up to win back the un@ttractive F@t whoamen title..because dude. I am the reigning champ.

    Seriously, don't make me come down there with my 38long boobs and kick your pirate booty.

  5. it's official. i absolutely love you and your blog......even if it is an online destination for unattractive fat women. :)

    thank you for the laughs!!

  6. Uhhh...yeah, but clearly they move on fast because you don't fit what they're looking for. Have you looked at yourself lately? Cuz, yeah. You're hot.

  7. yeah, from your picture, you are the wrongo destination for people looking for unattractive fat women.

  8. I am big on the "carbonation and infertility" search. Figure that one out why don't you??


  9. Everytime I come here I just read everything.

    So even though I only comment here, don't think I just saw this.

    How come statcounter is free to you and $9 to me? : )

    Also, dang on ish's parents. Um, that's no good. Ah, screw them. The main thing is, is Ish standing up for you?

    Finally, love the booty call limericks. If only I could write anything but free-form poetry.

    I'll try:

    You used to live right down the hall
    A hall that was terribly small
    But sometimes at night
    When the mood hits me right
    Some nights you still get the call

  10. Someone has been coming to blog via cat genitals. I don't quite get it.

  11. My top searches are "help choose underwear" and "brooke parkhurst." Go fig.

  12. I can't even begin to tell you the searches I've seen on my blog because of the whole "muff" incident ::laughing:::

    Too funny :-)


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