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There's a place near where my parents lived in New Hampshire called "Fun Spot." It is a fairly shabby arcade that mixes some of the newer video game novelties (I don't know what these would be) with some old standbys (e.g., arcade golf) plus has candle-pin bowling. It might also have bingo, if memory serves.

My favorite thing about the place, though, isn't its name (though I do enjoy it), but its divinely inspired, almost-too-clever-for-itself tagline:

Fun Spot - "The Spot for Fun*"

Not kidding.


I intend to continue with the Friday Trend of posting random search results and/or other ridiculousness from my week that come with visual aids (whatever format they may take, be it diagram, photo, or -- if you can believe it and I can get it to work -- video).

That's right. Video. Possibly. Right here at the Fun Spot. The Spot for Fun.

*Do understand this inspired a bevy of similar-yet-adolescent-boy phrases from Ish, who, upon reading this entry walked around saying things like, "pot hole - the hole for pot" "douche bag - the bag for douche" and "corn hole - the hole for corn" and then chuckling quietly to himself**.

**To himself because I did not find them half so amusing.

* * * * *

I think it would be fair to assume that at this point, my search results wouldn't need much commentary. They are practically spit-worthy on their own. You know?

Locker Room Porn!

On the other hand, I can't very well say nothing.

Because this is like, the fifth time this week my blog has been visited by someone hoping to learn about the Hip Hugger, which is a strip bar in Kokomo, Indiana. Where possibly (probably) at least one of ElG's exes works. I find it hard to believe that anyone seeking information about a strip bar in Kokomo, Indiana will find much about my blog of consequence, but who knows.

And speaking of naked women -- do we think that the "women nudity and gyms" searcher is the same person as the "nude women ymca locker room" searcher? I didn't think to look. Regardless, um. I'm not judging those who want to go looking for naked women in a locker room (is anyone surprised by this?) it's that I'm a bit surprised by the specificity. Not just any locker room would do, I guess. Perhaps the searcher thinks that the women at the Y are maybe more "accessible" than those in expensive gyms? Perhaps I should stop wondering about this.

Does horseradish expire?

Note: for those of you who have asked, I use StatCounter as my data source. It's easy, free, and fairly extensive.

* * * * *

I wanted to bring you this update to the absurd pigeon-ridding challenge at my BART station.

Note that there are two pigeons just hanging out, one especially close to the green speaker, and neither of them care that blaring-scary-jungle-bird yelps are emitting from it.

More Pigeons

* * * * * *

Finally, we come to the point of the post wherein I try and post useless video.

Video of the man who plays violin at my BART station but does not actually know how to play the violin. You can see the enthusiasm with which he attacks his notes. Watch as his dreadlocks sway with his rythmic slashings. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to get a good shot of his face without him noticing.

I wouldn't want to be rude.

my camera didn't do a good job of recording the sound. There IS sound, but it's squeaky, and usually just results in some pitch-gets-higher, pitch-gets-lower scale-like thing. You can KIND of hear it if you turn your speakers WAY up, but the result is still pretty lame. Hopefully you get the idea.

Enjoy! If it works!


  1. I've seen that guy around town with his violin. I think he's just that enthusiastic about everything he does. There's probably a life lesson in that, but I'm refusing to acknowledge it.

    I want to know more about "litter no rip absorbent round liners" and I find the fact that you are the GO TO source for "internet dating horror stories."

    Go you!

  2. err - that should read: I find the fact that you are the GO TO source for "internet dating horror stories" hysterical.

    I didn't lose the fact. Just my adjective.

  3. i'm also cracking up over the litter no rip thing... AND the horseradish expiration query.

    now THERE's a question for the ages..

  4. Untill you can wall on your own feel, age don't matter in things you do!

  5. I kept turning up my volume to see what he was playing only to discover that it was nothing! I was expecting to hear something, at least a noise that really would keep the pigeons away. I love it!

  6. HA! My BF is from Laconia, NH--we drive by Fun Spot every time we're up there visiting them! It's a trip! :)

  7. Are you kidding me? LAST NIGHT my boyfriend made some stupid "that's a hole for pot" joke and I just rolled my eyes and ignored him.


  8. yep, I can attest. I see this guy EVERY single day at this bart the morning when I come in and in the evening when I leave. Does he ever stop? The other day this guy walks up to him and said "dude, that's awesome" or something to that effect. Mr. Cracky asked the guy if he sounded good and then proceeded to tell him that "he makes BANK". Only in SF

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. YMCA. Um...that's my gym and I think that was something I mentioned in reponse to a post of yours about women walking around naked at the gym. So...first I'm responsible for the panty liner search and now the Y/nude women! (by the way...the Embarcadero Y is one of the more expensive gyms in the's quite a nice facility)

  11. I just have to say that this week, my blog was found by someone looking for an answer to immortal question "how do I cook moose so it doesn't smell"? I fear I wasn't of much help.

  12. My family moved to NH, not far from where your parents lived, from Fairfield County CT -- weird, huh? -- just before I started high school. During high school, the music department always took a trip to Fun Spot to celebrate the end of the school year. My best friend and I quickly realized that Fun Spot was decidedly *not* fun and began referring to it as "The Great Misnomer." We still call it that to this day, and it never ceases to make us laugh.

  13. Sadly: "oops! no video", in trendy, avant garde font. I think I may have experienced your non-violinist at the embarcadero station today, though. Does he travel to other stations on his spare-change-donations, do you think?

  14. Your site is hilarious! And you inspired me to go on over to StatCounter, stat (what with my having a brand new blog and all).

    I was going to say I found you through the CAP knitalong, but now I realize you already knew that, didn't you? Hooray for magic and techMology!

  15. I think I might start horning in on your Friday Funspots to post my own comment weirdness, since I don't have enough to start my own. This week I had "parents borrow car morning early mail start job sort distribute". I can't decide if this person wants a job but doesn't have their own car or is trying to get to the mail distribution center to nab something before their parents see it!


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