Gosh, It's Bright

If we are to assume that the events of our Monday mornings foreshadow the week we are to have, I should take to hiding under my desk right now.

First of all, we have our big quarterly meeting this week (the one I am responsible for organizing), which means I'll be incredibly busy and stressed until Thursday afternoon, whereupon I'll have a giant cocktail and giggle, either because after all that hard work the meeting went off without a hitch OR because the meeting was a mess, and I was fired and HAHAHAHA isn't that so funny.

And because of this stress and busy-ness, I will be overdue in posting something for/about my mom, whose birthday it was on Saturday. (And let me just tell you, with my cycle being off and my hormones being so out of control, I was a weepy mess about this all weekend.)

But right, Monday.

So this morning as I was in bed, trying to sleep during those last 15 minutes of snooze time despite the cat on my head and it seeming awfully bright out for being so early, my phone rang. It was Ish's ringtone, and it was an odd time for him to be calling. He'd spent the night at my place and already gone home to get ready for work, so I knew whatever he was calling about was probably important. I removed the cat, and got to the phone as quickly as I could.

Me: Hey...?

Ish: Hello. Um...

Me: ...?

Ish: So last night, when I set your alarm, I, uh, I must have hit the button without knowing it and set your clock off by an hour.

Me: ...?

And then I look up at the clock in the livingroom and see that it's an hour later than it is supposed to be. Than I thought it was. No wonder it was so bright.

So Ish apologizes a million times and I say it's okay and determine I'll just take a cab. And we hang up and I begin my morning routine, hour later or not.

I first sit at my computer and check my email. And that is when I discover that I have received my first real and true rejection letter from a literary agent.

Monday, Monday.

See, not knowing what else to do (figuring I had to start somewhere) I decided to draft a query letter to agents, proposing making this blog into a book. So I sent one query letter out and got a rejection shortly thereafter, but I didn't mind because I decided the letter was not my best work. I then drafted a better one, and sent it to a higher profile agent. She replied. She wanted to see sample chapters and a proposal. Gah! So I put that together and sent it to her and this morning, got a perfectly nice and reasonable rejection.

Without getting too detailed, I know I need to rethink my approach. As I was putting the proposal together and outlining each chapter, it wasn't sitting well with me. It didn't feel right, it felt forced. I did my best, sent it out, and then put it away. I wasn't going to query any other agents with it because I didn't really love it .

And neither did the agent. So it's back to the drawing board, and I'm okay about that.

Still, this week had better shape up.


  1. The only thing worse than getting a rejection letter is NOT getting a rejection letter because you never submitted your work. Keep writing and rewriting and writing again. One word at a time.

  2. Ah the great joys of Monday, remember every great author recieves tons of rejections first. At least you are taking the giant leap of every future published author, you are getting your name out there with your work.

    Oh and tell Ish no more futzing with the clock.


  3. your book proposal will come together. IF she who I hate in Austin, TX can get a book deal and get pregnant - YOU can too. You are far more likable than she is!

  4. I have no doubt I'll one day find a book at my local Borders authored by you. Keep on truckin'.

    A few books you might want to look at for examples on how to create a great read (although, I have a wonderful time reading your blog, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to perfect):
    -Julie and Julia
    -I'm Not the New Me

    Not only are these books by blogger (about their blogs) but they are AMAZING reads too. Good luck and enjoy!

  5. Kristy,

    Some (unsolicited) advice from a former publishing "professional" -
    the industry is really cooling off on books by bloggers (see this article:http://theedge.bostonherald.com/bookNews/view.bg?articleid=158867). However, you are an excellent writer, with a great sense of story. Please keep trying! You may just want to downplay the blog for now in your query letters. I agree with Anne re: other books to look at; both of these were remarkable for going beyond the scope of the blog that inspired them.

    Good luck!


  6. Please also understand that even a) having an agent request more information and b) having that agent actually read the stuff you sent is AMAZING. Most agents are far too busy making money for their existing clients that they will only read THE BEST that comes across their desk. This means that you have breached that already difficult firewall--all the other submissions.

    You rock.

  7. For what it's worth, I'm proud of you for taking that first step.

  8. hey, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. so you're already on your way...

    nicely done!

  9. But why do you want to have your blog made into a book that's published? Isn't this your personal space? I know lots of people out there in blog land do have book deals.. with knitting patterns and all.. but I'm curious what your "angle" would be for a book..

    Not meaning to offend.. just curious :-)

  10. Anon 5:19--

    From someone who shares Kristy's dream of being published, I think there is a certain level of validation in having your thoughts and words and ideas and sentences all bound neatly in a book, one that people would read and enjoy and recommend to others. And, you get paid.


  11. Don't do that again! The poster was right when s/he said it was amazing that the agent was looking at all--don't send another thing out that doesn't feel right.

    I am a publishing professional currently, and you have already made great headway. Now is the time to PUSH: write the perfect propsal so the next time someone asks, you'll have it ready. Be AHEAD of the game.

    Also, Anon 5:19 is also correct in wondering about your angle. Everyone has an interesting life story--how is yours different? (Forgive me--parents' passing is not enough. Your divorce and rebound may be.) Brainstorm why someone should want to read your book. It is a totally different audience than your blog (with some overlap, yes.) Good luck.

  12. Speaking of waking up late. *waves*

    My first thought, just the same as yours, "Why is it so bright?"

  13. I experience the "why is it so bright" phenomenon every day.

    Welcome to my world.

  14. Not that you need it--it sounds like you know what you're doing--but if you have questions, let me know. I'd love to help you out any way I can.

  15. Wow! Stephanie Klein is still reading your blog. I mean anyone who starts reading it gets addicted but I just remember the rough start with SK. Cool!


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