Calling All Knitters! (Public Service Announcement)

Remember when I used to write about knitting?

Uh, remember when I used to knit?

Anyway, I'm going to rekindle my knitting flame with help from the Crazy Aunt Purl knitalong. The gist is, Crazy Aunt Purl's grandmother is ailing and in a nursing home and not doing so well. Upon hearing (reading) this, one of Purl's IIFs, lept into action and orchestrated this knitalong, wherein she's asking everyone to simply knit an 8" square (blocked*) and send it to her. She will put them all together and sew them into a handmade blanket for Grandma Purl.

I should note, the woman running this effort is named Kristy, and I have to think she's a better Kristy than I am (seeing as I'm trying to get all riled up to knit EIGHT WHOLE INCHES and she's off coordinating an entire knitting rescue effort, ahem).

So join in if you can or will. Because even *I* can finish A SQUARE by Thanksgiving, you know?

*Never blocked before. Anyone with tips for how to make something "Eight Inches Blocked" should please send them along!


  1. If you make about a 5.5-6" square, it should block to about 8 inchhes. Funnily enough, our very own Purl has "How-To" instructions on blocking:

  2. Aw, man :) thank you!

    And (other)Kristy has already mentioned that if there are more squares than needed for a single blanket, she'll make another one for Mr. Hakim, who is also in the home and has no one to visit him.

    I heart knitters.

  3. I'm not a knitter, but I have to admit that the term "Eight Inches Blocked" has me intrigued... and should probably yield some interesting search results in the future.

  4. On an unrelated topic, Natn from Rowtn suggested I check-out your blog. It's every bit as good as he explained. You have a wonderful inner voice. In fact, I could just about see the expression on your face when I read a few entries.

    We saw Sam, briefly at the Oyster Festival. She looked great. Pass on my congratulations to Healy. I love the picture of her and her son with their mouths opened wide.

  5. I am helping Kristy respond to all the knitters that have signed up for CAP!Thank you so much! We are so excited about the tremendous response! We are sure that this will be a success. If you have any questions you can e-mail at

  6. i think i have enough stash yarn around to make a whole blanket myself! i'll have to go check it out, and send it to some people who sound like they could use the warm hug of some hand knitting.

  7. Hi KiKi, if you want to see some awesome blocking check out Felicia's blog:

    and seach "Baby, Baby" or her December 6, 2005 post.

    You can even block on your bedspread (ahem!).

    Love your blog. Would you tell Ish I went to Midd the same time he was there?

  8. Oooh! Oooh! Dude! Do I know about blocking! Get that sucker wet (mild soap/tepid water/good rinse) Pin square to desired dimensions. Viola! You haf blocked ze square!


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