What A Neighborhood Drugstore Receipt SHOULD Look Like

So, lucky(?) for you, I have found an iPad that lets me quickly and easily draw over images. This means that I now have lots and lots and lots and LOTS of photos to show you. Not that any of the photos are good, but most of them are funny. I mean, I think.

Like this one:
I love this found receipt for many reasons.

For one thing, buying liquor at the drugstore is so...novel! In Connecticut (where I grew up), this was absolutely unheard of and impossible. You could buy hard booze at the liquor store ONLY. Beer and wine could be purchased at the grocery store, but ONLY at the grocery store.  And you couldn't buy booze after 8 p.m. anywhere (not including individual drinks at a bar), or on Sundays or holidays at all. So picking up some (good!) gin at CVS is kind of amazeballs.

Another thing I find fascinating: Why did the purchaser select two entirely different sized bottles of the same thing? Were those the only two bottles left? Were the gin bottles going to two different places?  If so, which place got the bigger bottle?

Also, if you are buying two bottles of gin, do you actually need Nyquil?

(Although, and I mean this affectionately, this does suggest that the Nyquil is for a sick man, and the gin is for the woman having to deal with the sick man. Just my experience.)

Which reminds me: this is one of the best videos ever. It's called "Man Cold."


  1. Sounds like someone was making pink drink.

  2. When we moved to CT two months ago we found out about the after 9pm ban on alcohol sales our first weekend after going out to dinner. It made us VERY sad.

  3. Yes, that is a good drugstore. the NyQuil? Maybe they were picking it up 'for a friend.'


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