Weight-Loss Update: It's About Time!

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I started using Medifast on March 2.

As of May 2 (that's two months later, for those of you as math-challenged as I am), I'm down 25+ pounds.

Now. If you've been paying any kind of attention at all, you know that I have been very disciplined about adhering to the Medifast plan mostly.  But not entirely.

Because sometimes you have events to go to and sometimes those events involve non-diet pork. And sadly, I have not yet discovered Pinot Noir Zero.  So, you know. And then there are the other times when I've been out at restaurants or get-togethers and done my very, very best to eat a Medifast-approved "lean and green" meal, but it's really hard to trust what the restaurants put in stuff, and next thing you know you're all, okay, yes, this IS a "light" egg white omelet, except it seems to have made in three pounds of butter.

The key thing I've learned for my own sake and sanity is that when I do go "off plan," it's much better to find a way to not go crazy with carbs.  So I never indulge in sugar, ever.  Because -- and I've learned this the hard way -- if you knock yourself out of ketosis (and anyone who's done Atkins knows what I'm talking about here), it can take a good 3-4 days to get back on track. And those 3-4 days when you're sticking like glue to the plan and not losing weight? Those days are really, really hard.  Not just because you're not losing weight, but because your body is readjusting and that feels really energy-depleting. (Uh, not to mention mood altering.)

So now I have to ask myself if it's ever worth going through another tiresome, plateau-y transition period just so I can have a few beers and a dozen Saltine crackers. (I can't explain why THIS is what I chose to eat, but I did.  I mean, if I'm going to splurge, WHY NOT JUST HAVE A SLICE OF CAKE LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN? I don't know.)

But, so, and. I guess my bottom line here is this:

The first month on Medifast was an adjustment period.  I really had to focus on it in order to "get" it.  I had to figure out which foods I liked and how to make "lean and green" meals that I would really enjoy. I had to get used to having good days and bad, hungry days and energized days. I had to deal with having a week where I'd lose 5-7 pounds and then another week where I'd lose only 1 pound doing the exact same thing. I had to understand how my body reacts when I go off-plan, and had to come to grips with how hard it can be to get back on a track of steadily losing again.  The sad truth is that one day of splurging can, as I've complained about above, require a full week to recover.

The second month on Medifast was in some ways muuuuch easier. I was in a groove for sure, and following the plan was easy. That is, it was easy when my time was my own.  It just so happened, however, that in that second month I started working again. And trying to balance work obligations and deadlines and meetings AND A BABY was a lot harder and required a lot more of my attention than I expected. And then there were about ninety-eleven social engagements that cropped up from out of nowhere and visits from out-of-towners and then for EXTRA ADDED FUN, my gall bladder attacks started.

So the concept of being on Medifast was way easier in month two. The reality of life intervening, doing everything it could think of to thwart my "schedule," however, was challenging. I did a good job, ultimately, it just wasn't quite a by-the-book job.

And yet in my 9th week, I'm closing in on 30 pounds lost. 

Which is pretty great if you ask me.

Reminder: If you'd like to give Medifast a try, I'd love to hear about it. (Ms. KSham -- how's it going for you?) I am also offering a discount: Use code SHEWALKS to get $50 off an order of $275. (Offer is only good one-time and will expire on May 31.)

Also: The Medifast honey-mustard pretzel things are like crack sticks. 

Medifast is sponsoring my Medifast meals in exchange for my writing about my experiences with the program.


  1. just, whatever you do, DON'T try to buy a swim suit. Because that? WILL MAKE YOU EAT CAKE.

    And you are kicking cake right in it's delicious ASS.


  2. Wow, that is amazing! And you must feel so good. I'm totally inspired to order some shakes and try the plan. Am ordering now.

  3. Congrats on your progress! Personally, I do Weight Watchers and I'm down 17 pounds after a month.

    Did you know a bottle of wine is 10 points? :) I'm so happy...

    Again though... CONGRATS! Losing weight is not easy.

  4. Heather, do you happen to have a blog? If you're trying out Medifast, I'd love to follow you and see what you think!

    PR Coordinator
    Medifast, Inc.

  5. Just started. ..down 7.6 lbs since may 1. I have been pretty hungry but I am drinking alot of water and that helps...how about giving some lean green ideas

  6. @Renee, I do have a blog that I haven't done anything with since 2008, just posted a few pics. I just placed an order for shakes, soups, and pretzels. I am just really inspired by Kristy and her weight loss, and her updates. If it makes any difference I am trying to wean my one year old who still nurses once a day. I weigh the exact same amount I did when I gave birth a year ago and I eat well/chase two kids all day. It's insane how I have not lost a pound.

    I'm looking forward to more updates on this blog! I really need the inspiration and motivation.


  7. Well, for me ... not so much. (But, uh, thanks for the shout out !!) I am COMPLETELY STOKED that it's working for you. Congratulations !
    By now, at age 40, one would think that I would know myself better than to sign up for a diet plan that is this regimented and strict ? Because I know, from past experience, that I am a spoiled brat and these don't go so well for me. Let's be clear: I believe that MediFast works ... any form of calorie restriction will work in the long run, you just have to find the one that YOU can stick to. And sadly, I couldn't stick to this one.
    You know who WINS in this scenario ? The lady in Oregon who bought my entire remaining 3 weeks of Medifast stash for $75 ! She got a deal ... (Kristy, I totally would have sent it to you, but I know you are getting a great deal from MF already, right ?)
    Oh, and even though I only lasted a week, I did manage to come up, all by myself, with the acronym "MF" for MediFast, though honestly inside my head I often said something else.
    Keep up the good work ! As for my weight loss in general, it's coming along slowly - but it IS coming along - I'm just finding different routes that work for me.

  8. Ok, I just ordered the Women Enhanced 4-Week Package! We are so gonna rock this!

  9. Congratulations! I'm down 60lbs from using Medifast. I have to say, it works well for me. You should post some before and during pictures!

  10. Hi Friends, I just lost 35 pounds and reached a plateau. So to put it up a notch I bought the Burn & Clear. WOW! I’m only on day 3, but I lost 3.5 pounds in one day two. What has given me motivation to keep it and make sure I exercise twice a day. Never thought I could eat as much and lose weight like crazy!
    Quicktrim Canada or Usa

  11. It’s important to stimulate your mind while your body is exerting itself in other ways. However, never rely on “what’s on TV or the radio” at the time. Instead of zoning out, you’ll find yourself flipping between channels – and that’s going to make the time drag as much as it would if you weren’t keeping your mind busy in the first place. “Live” is a very bad idea. Go with pre-recorded programming or go without.

  12. About the honey-mustard pretzel sticks: Yes.
    I started doing MediFast not long after you did, because of you, for the record. For me, so far, it's working great. And yet, today, I had a first-time experience on it: I tried a new food and was so disgusted I had to throw it out. DO NOT RECOMMEND the peach iced tea. Luckily, I had a delicious bag of pretzel sticks handy to a) replace the meal and b) get the taste out of my mouth.

    (I should say, aside from the peach iced tea, I've found everything I've tried to be at least tolerable, and several things actually very, very good: most of the bars, both kinds of pretzel sticks, yummy yummy brownies, the chili, and a bunch of other stuff. But BAD peach iced tea.)

  13. You know who WINS in this scenario ? The lady in Oregon who bought my entire remaining 3 weeks of Medifast stash for $75 ! She got a deal ... (Kristy, I totally would have sent it to you, but I know you are getting a great deal from MF already, right ?)

  14. You cannot get anything overnight. The thing is same in weight loss. If you cannot keep your patience, you will not be able to loose your weight.

  15. Weight loss is a process that requires a lot of perseverance and patience, but at the end the results make it worthwhile!


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