If You Buy Wine We All Win!


So it's kind of a long story that no one is really interested in (mostly including myself) but please understand that I am on a mission of making MAGIC happen in terms of me and you and the social media and the wine.

Because come on. If there's anything that I'm about, it's me and you and the social media and the wine.

So for right now -- especially in time for Mother's Day -- The CleverGirls Collective has arranged for a special deal on wine.

Notable because:
1. It is actually a special deal, and not some deal that everyone on the whole internets gets.
2. It's a pretty amazing discount (nearly 30%)!
3. It is for GOOD wine.

And that #3? That is important, because if you have been reading me for more than 4 seconds, you know I would not lie to you about wine. I could not lie to you about wine.

Do you remember the time a wine company considered hiring me to be their blogger, where I would blog as their logo? And I thought it was a good opportunity except for the part where no one wants to read a blog post from a corporate logo? And then also I tasted the wine and it was not, shall we say, even a little bit good?

This is like the opposite of that time.

Now. About this wine.

I generally hate Chardonnays because I do not like my wine to taste like creamy butter. Or so oaky that it tastes like perfume. Or, God forbid, both. (Some people have bad tequila experiences. I had a bad, buttery Chardonnay experience. Yes, for real. See: I am from Connecticut.)

But I tasted THIS Chardonnay and I LOVED it. It is light, it is crisp, and it is PERFECT for summer. I am for serious.

So here's the deal:
  • The wine is 2009 Mira Luna, Tough Day Chardonnay, Sonoma Carneros, California
  • 91 points
  • Silver -- World Wine Championship
  • Retails for $17.99
  • If you order 3 or more bottles, you get FREE SHIPPING (which is basically like 30% off -- wine is a bear to ship!)
If you order by end-of-day tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5, wine will arrive in time for Mother's Day! Click here to order!

I hope you can (and want to) take advantage of this deal, and hope to have many more where this came from!

I am not being compensated for this post, but this promotion is part of a partnership between my company, CleverGirls Collective and this wine distributor.


  1. mmmm wine... But alas- I shall not be ordering any of the luscious wine... one, because really- pregnant women really shouldn't be ordering copious amounts of wine... although quite frankly, I won't be pregnant/nursing forever and I deserve some good wine dammit!! My main deterrent is the fact that I live in the loverly United State of Canadia- and well, unless someone wants to pick up my order and smuggle it across the border... I'ma just have to do without...

    Good deal though!! Hope everyone that does partake of the yummy wine enjoys it!! Raise a glass for me! :P

  2. ahhhh, I live in an annoying state that you can't ship wine to

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