Washington Post Interview. I'm Not Even Kidding.

I realize this is last-minute, but it turns out that I'm going to be doing a live, online Q&A with John Kelly from the Washingon Post at 9 a.m. Pacific (that'd be 12 p.m. Eastern) today.

About Promtacular!

(Good thing I've devoted so, so, SO many hours of my life IMing with boys, because my typing skills greatly improved as a result.)

You can join us live here, though I'm pretty sure the link will remain live/static in perpetuity. Or until they get bored with a story about prom pictures and take it down. You know.

So, um, yeah.

Oh! I know! I'll make this seem like a legitimate blog entry (like a fancy journalist would write, perhaps?), here is a bit about Mr. John Kelly:

With special thanks to Amanda, who brought the site to John's attention in the first place. She is the one featured in our winning prom photo entry, here.

For what it's worth, and because it always makes me laugh, Amanda did not know that "FTW!" meant "for the win!" and not "fuck the what!"

I like hers better.


  1. Actually "Fuck the What???" is a perfectly acceptable alternate definition for FTW, and is pretty much the only way I use the acronym. It may be way down on the list of definitions in the urban dictionary, but it's there! And I like it better too :)

  2. Elisa, I had NO idea! I will fully adopt this now, because it just has so many potential uses... :)

  3. and i always said, "fhat the wuck" when i saw it. well until someone told me what it really meant. and even then i ALWAYS thought fhat the wuck first. like someone didn't want to say a naughty word so they flipped the letters. i know...i need to get out more.

  4. I can't tell you how happy this made me:
    Kristy Sammis writes:
    "I have no idea when or how the change happened, though. I'm from the East Coast but live in California, where everyone puts a "the" in front of highway routes.
    So here, it's "THE 101" but it's "Prom." Blame California."
    YES! They do that in Oregon too! I very quickly learned that no one else said "I-5" but me...it's THE 5.

  5. I always use it when I want to say "fuck the world", which isn't something I should be saying often if I want to keep this positive attitude of mine. ;-)

  6. I always thought FTW included fuck, too, until I finally asked a friend. I like midlife natalie's version.


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