So That Time? That Time When My Sister Got Married?


Ugh. See?

Well, no. You don't "see" because I haven't said anything yet. Except for the word "crap" which is hardly the way to begin a post about your sister's wedding.

Let me say this: Sam and Mike's wedding was glorious. It was charming and special and real. And I can't remember the last time I saw so many members of the extended Sammis "family" all together and so happy.

It was also a whirlwind, physical and emotional. And also really, really fun.

I'm just at a total loss for how to blog about it. Because for a million reasons.

First of all, I'm still processing everything. From the moment we left San Francisco to the moment we returned, SO MUCH HAPPENED. I couldn't possibly write it all, but how do I pick which things to include and which to not? I don't know.

Secondly, I took about 300 pictures. And of course, I feel like I should use them to tell the story, except I can't because my photos are mostly horrible, and completely random.

Example: I have about 12 photos of my sister's legs from when she was sitting across from me at the salon because I thought the angle was cool and artistic.

(It's not.)

The problem is that I manage to take a dozen photos just like these, and then FORGET to take pictures of things like, oh, I dunno, my friends and family.

But here's a picture of my Crocs in the hotel room.

ANOTHER issue I have with blogging the wedding is that, as a writer (if I may call myself such), I get really bored writing about big events chronologically. First we did this, then we did this, then we did this bores me to tears. (Remember how I was blogging about my trip to Paris with Ish? And then I stopped? Now you know why.) Because I haven't figured out how else there is to do it. How else do you tell a story except with a beginning, middle and end?

I realize I should just let it go and write about what I write about and maybe that would be just fine. And I will try and do that as soon as I can get out of my own (mental) way.

Lastly, the reason I'm suddenly having a hard time figuring out how to start blogging about the weekend is because (and note -- this is a bit awkward because I don't want to sound anything other than what I am, which is humbled, touched, and greatly appreciative) OHMYGOD EVERYONE IS READING THIS.

I had no idea. I just -- I had no idea. Relatives, friends, and people I have never met before were not just making idle wedding conversation, like, "Oh YOU must be the single, older sister who does that blog thing." Not that my friends/relatives are rude, but you know. I am the oldest and I am single and I do live out here in crazyville with my current assortment of fourfucking cats and a serious Internet addiction. I get it when my life comes across as non-awesome. But it wasn't like that. Not at all. Instead, they were citing entries to me. It was...well, it was unexpected and wonderful.

And just a teensy bit harrowing.

What will they think? What DO they think? Maybe I shouldn't write about...

It would be easy for me to start censoring myself more. But I don't wanna do that, because that's not what this is about. I'm pretty sure no one even wants me to. So I just need to screw my head back on straight(er), and get back to it.



  1. Oh wow, I feel ya here. Not that you're looking for sympathy, or that you're saying it's a bad deal to have Real Life friends and family reading. It's great! It's flattering!

    But it's kind of weird, because all of the sudden, every time you sit down to write, you have every single one of them in mind...or random ones, popping up unexpectedly.

    "Ooh, I was gonna write about this, but what would Aunt Millie think?" and "Oh no, I can't say that, because then what if he thinks I meant him? And I totally don't, but how would I explain that without getting away from the whole point I originally wanted to make?"

    It's a tricky little subject. Let me know your keys to success :)

  2. Since I have found out that one Auntie is reading mine......writer's block.....Feelin your pain.....and unfortunately, no one admits to reading mine....they pretend as if the whole conversation we are having is spontaneous.....cause, ya know, I didn't write that very thing the day before.

    Ah.....To share, or not to share~that be the question

    Angel in KY

  3. Welcome back!

    And, I will read whatever you want to write - - so go for it, and censorship be damned! :-)

  4. Aw, come on! I wanna read the story. I don't care if it's chronological. Besides, chronological order is not a bad thing, you just have to give it a funny or poetic bent so that it isn't boring.

    I wouldn't worry about IRL peeps. Read at your own risk, people!

  5. scariest thing that ever happened in my blogging life was when my 80yo grandmother left me a comment scolding me for my language.

    Still haven't reformed, and neither should you!

  6. OK, I will help out here ;) First let me say that I cannot help you w/your photography. Your gonna have to go to some "special" school for that.

    For writing - you can use the trick that all magazine covers use to get readers: make some lists. For example - 10 best things about the wedding weekend, saddest, funniest, etc.
    You're welcome.

  7. My younger sister got married on Saturday! And do you know how many photos I took? Not a single one. Someone's adorable *snark* boyfriend removed the batteries to play on the Wii and didn't replace them. And so, yeah. But I have lots of photos from my friends and family members. I'm sure someone will email them to you.

  8. " I am the oldest and I am single and I do live out here in crazyville with my current assortment of fourfucking cats and a serious Internet addiction. "

    Okay, that^ is all special and all, but WAIT + WHOA + REWIND = WIRRRREEERRRIRRR [You'know, like a rewinding noise? Shutup.]

    Why does it say THIS part: "...and I am single..."?!!!!!! I thought Ish was with you? I'm very confused. And possibly disgruntled. You can't spring that on me all "oh and by the way teehee ANYWAY moving on"-like!!!

    Possibly I'm just very confused and you mean something entirely different and there is no reason for the confused or any dis-ing or gruntled-ing and such and you are going to explain and I'll feel very stupid and idiotic but hey. I am also a 17y/o addicted to a 30-something-y/o's blog. So whatever.




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