In The Meantime, Random Updates!

Today my a cappella group is having a 6+ hour rehearsal, followed by the most musical of all musical activities: bowling.

Rest assured, however, that I will return to a regularish schedule of blogging promptly thereafter. (Are you resting? Assured?)

So here's some stuff!

1. It's football season again. I don't exactly follow closely, but I love that Ish does. I love having football on in the background, because it reminds me of growing up in New England. Now, if I could just get Ish to HOLLER at the television, screaming bloody murder about how the New York Giants have FUCKED UP THEIR WHOLE FUCKING GAME, I would maybe even shed a tear.

2. I posted another Project Runway recap on MidseasonReplacements. You should go read it, it's like 3 seconds long.

3. I have recently been in touch with a handful of people on Facebook, and I can't wait to blog about it. I don't mean to be dramatic, but it's kind of been life-changing. And it doesn't even involve now-defunct Scrabulous.

4. I have taken to working out every day by playing my Wii. I'm not sure if this makes me sad or modern or modernly sad or what-have-you. I DO know that I'm almost a pro-level at Wii Tennis.

5. I am now officially running late for rehearsal.

p.s. Regarding Samantha's comment in my last post -- Ish and I are still together. I just call myself "single" as it relates to marriage, not partnership. It's always kind of a gray term, and I'm never sure exactly whether to say I'm single or not. Usually I just say "I'm with someone."


  1. You could come over here when football is on. The Fella (from PA) is loud and passionate about football. I grew up hearing it in the background too but my Dad was more like Ish when he was watching it.

  2. Aaw, I am so loved that you will run yourself late for rehearsal just to keep me up to date.

    You are adored in return, I cant wait to hear about who you met on Facebook, I've never heard of anything related to a social networking site that could be life-changing!

  3. Well awesome. I was all sad for you.
    And I found out how geeky I am in the process - like, omigod, my name was so totally On Kristy's blog! Yeah my boyfriend was like...That's awesome honey...Who the hell is Kristy?
    And I laughed at his wisdomlessness and then contemplated my hobbies for a bit.
    PS - Since this is the...Second...Time I have ever commented you, I feel an inexplicable need to let you know that I love you your blog! You crack me up.
    And I even look up to you sometimes.
    See what I mean, about my hobbies? You could be a serial killer. Or even a cereal killer. Who knows? Whatever. Anyway I've been reading your blog for ages and a half, and it never gets old. :]
    Also, your cats are really cute.

  4. Awww your football comment made me think about the cringe-fests that were every Sunday afternoon in autumn and winter when I was growing up... the screaming of profanities that would make a gangsta rapper blush, and the ceremonial throwing of the TV Guide or the remote control...

  5. Scrabulous is defunct? My cousin and I have been playing all afternoon...maybe you mean it in that way that it is not cool anymore. Hmm...maybe...maybe not.

  6. aww what a great wedding! Note to Ish...meaningful smiles =stop what you are doing and pay attention to me now!...just wanted to clarify that for him

  7. If you yell loud enough at the tv, I swear the coach can hear you. And then maybe he'll run a FUCKING PLAY ACTION PASS!

    I'm a bit verklempt now.

  8. I love Maine! My hubby is from Augusta and we visit often! I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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