Ever The Charming And Appropriate Guest

You asked to see photos of me at the wedding. This is what you get.

I do feel I should point out just a few things:

1) This photo was taken of me right after dinner, from a seated position. No one should ever take pictures of people who are sitting. Right after dinner. But this would explain why the top of my dress looks like it doesn't fit so well. It actually did fit well. Except from a sideways sitting position, right after dinner.

2) Oh, chins.

3) And boobs. Toldja about the size of them. Yeah, you try not spilling anything on those. It's like they have their own gravitational force. Crumbs and condiments have no defense.

4) Okay, so I am giving the finger to the man behind the disposable camera (that would be Ish). But there is more to this story than a little birdie. For each of the table numbers, Sam and Mike took pictures of themselves holding up fingers to indicate which table was which. It was adorable. (I'd post a couple of those, but SOMEONE hasn't sent them to me yet.) Then Ish got the very adorable idea of taking a photo of each of the tables, asking the guests to hold up their fingers.

Like this:

Table #5

So right. Guess which table number I had.


  1. Is this your opinion of marriage?

  2. Lolz! Great take on the #1. And I totally agree about boobs being a gravitational force. Eating anything potentially crumb-y sucks.

  3. The worst is having that crumb in your bra UNDER your boob. Unnnnnncomfortable!

  4. hahahaa the person above me is COMPLETELY RIGHT!! the horror..

  5. That bra is a marvel of engineering :)

  6. Numba one baby! haha, oh and I totally agree with anika-that is the worst!

  7. That's like any photo of me!!!!!

    Boobs. Nature's shelf so nothing lands in your lap.....

  8. right there with ya momma...got boobs as a bib and catchall myself :)


  9. Ah, you are my kind of girl. ;)

  10. I'm finally delurking because I so agree with you on the boobs-having-their-own-gravitational-pull thing! I like to think that I'm beating those boobs at their own game if I don't end up with food on them until dinner! And by drinking my wine out of a short stemmed glass, ha, take that boobs!
    Love, love, love your blog!

  11. I'm a 32B and still end up spilling alll kind of food/drinks in my clivage everytime I'm not wearing a turtleneck (which happens maybe twice a year)...
    So I guess the boobs gravitational force totally make sense!

    PS: I think you look cute on the pic, I love your hairdo! And love you blog even more :)

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